Race Calendar


Marathon: 4:05 ---> 3:29

Half marathon: 1:54 ---> 1:35


March- Alamo 26.2, finished in 3:48:56/ 3rd female finisher

More coming soon!


January-- Cocoa Women's Half Marathon-- finished in 1:35:41 (PR) / 1st overall

March- Alamo 13.1-- finished in 1:55:xx 

July- Tri for Old Glory-- sprint tri finished in 1:19:xx/ 1st in age group, 6th female finisher 

August- Dam '09 sprint triathlon-- finished in 1:03:08/ 1st in age group


February 14th- Austin Marathon-- DNS

April 18th- Boston Marathon-- full marathon finished in 3:42:33

August 20th- Dam 09 Triathlon-- sprint finished in 1:02:15 / 2nd in age group

August 27th-Manly Man/Strong Woman Triathlon-- 1:05:xx / 1st in age group

October 16th- US Open Triathlon Olympic Distance-- 3:01:51/ 3rd in age group


March 22nd- Alamo 13.1-- half marathon finished in 1:38 / 1st in age group

June 27th- I Ran Marathons 13.1 -- half marathon finished in 1:37 / 1st in age group

August 2nd- I Ran Marathons 26.2-- full marathon finished in 3:29:59 (PR) / Overall winner


January 19th- Cocoa Women's Half Marathon -- half marathon finished in 1:38

March 24th- Alamo 13.1 -- half marathon finished in 1:36 / 2nd in age group

April 19th- I Ran Marathons 10k -- 10k finished in 41:16 (PR) / 1st in age group

April 26th- Windcrest Freshman Tri --  sprint finished in 50:32 / 1st in age group & beginner winner

June 21st- Gator Bait Sprint Tri-- sprint finished in 1:27:45 / 1st in age group

October 24th- Chosen Marathon-- full marathon finished in 3:36:29 / 3rd in age group


March 23rd - Alamo 13.1-- half marathon finished in 1:45 / 1st place in age group

May 3rd - I Ran Marathons-- half marathon finished in 1:42 / 1st in age group

June 15th- I Ran Marathons-- half marathon finished in 1:48 / 1st in age group

October 20th- Battle of the Leon Creek 20 miler-- finished in 2:48 (PR) / 1st in age group

November 17th- Rock N Roll Marathon -- full marathon finished in 4:05

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