Race Recap: Tri for Old Glory

July 18, 2017

In May I had no idea if I was even going to race this Summer. I had summer classes to finish, working 12 hour shifts, babysitting on my days off, and mainly lifting weights and running. I hadn't swam since December and my bike was hanging in the garage. My older sister came into town and she raced a bunch in the past and she told me to just do it. Triathlons are fun and sprint tris are easier to train for. In June, I started adding in a few more workouts and planning better. July 12th was race day. 

500 meters in 11.21mins

This was my first open water swim with ZERO anxiety. I don't know how it happened but I literally swam like I was in a pool. I felt calm and comfortable. I took three strokes then sighted the next buoy. 

I'm the white cap ^^  No, I'm kidding this isn't even my wave. 

11 miles @ 15.2mph in 43.17mins

I started off the bike on the ground. The man clipping in right in front of me completely stopped to get on his bike and I wasn't expecting that. When I tried to back up I slipped because #bikeshoesnogrips and fell on my bum.

The race directors warned of a steep hill starting off the bike and that we should get off and walk up due to the high traffic of falling. He said in the past 80% of racers fell at the hill. After clipping in, I told my sister "ok, this counts as me falling one time" and hoped I made it up the hill.

And I did. The bike was an 11 mile loop around country roads. It was a beautiful course and I felt good on the bike considering I only rode about 4 times in training before the race.

7:43min/mile pace for 22.24mins

I got off the bike and began the run chasing down the next runner in front of me. By this time (9am), it was 90ish degrees on black pavement. I pushed through to keep up a good pace.

I finished in 1:19xx with a 1st place age group win and 6th female finisher!!

^^ TriMafia has my back ;)

Double the medals!

I'm glad I decided to race this Summer as it reminded me that racing is a part of who I am. It's fun and exciting and it keeps me motivated. I've got another triathlon in a month!

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