5 reasons I love SPIbelt

July 20, 2017

I ran with SPIbelt since my first marathon back in 2011 when I stumbled upon the kiosk at the race expo and my dad told me it would "be a good idea to carry something like this during your race." I bought it and never stopped using it. I told my sisters about it and each bought one as well for their races. You wouldn't believe my excitement when I applied for their ambassador program and I got in!! I couldn't wait to be a part of the team and share a product I love so much! 

Here are my top five reasons for loving SPIbelt...

1. I can move the pouch wherever I want it to go
Some race belts only face one direction. If you moved it around to the back it would just be awkward. But SPIbelt fits comfortably and can be moved anywhere around the waist.

2. There are different sized pouch options
There are simple pouches that fit your phone or bigger pouches that can fit phone, keys, gels, and have an inner pouch.

3. Easy to open, especially during races
I don't want to be fighting a zipper during a race and I never have to because these belts open easily.

4.  Doesn't leak! Doesn't bounce!
Ok, so that's like two reasons in one but ya get me.

5. There are tons of different styles to choose from

Go shop SPIbelt and don't forget to use "sara2017" for  a 15% discount on SPIbelt products!!

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