Race Recap: Alamo 13.1

June 5, 2017

Oops, I haven't blogged since January!! Let's rewind a bit back to March when I ran the second spring half marathon. I originally planned to train and race this for a PR. I trained hard for months. Keeping up with long training hours and tough weeks of nursing school. There were even a few times when I trained after coming home from a 12 hour shift. But.... after getting the flu the week before and spending every day on the couch, I decided to keep it easy as this would be the most activity in that week. 

Alamo 13.1 will always be my favorite race series. The crowd, volunteers, race directors, course, amazing medals, and post race food can't be topped. I wish I would have saved a draft of a post after the race as now it has been so long for me to recap. I'll keep it short and I have some pictures below. 

I ran this race with my sister! During the race I kept a steady, easy pace. I really wanted to finish under 2 hours but didn't want to overwork myself. I was excited when I finished in 1:50:xx something. I can't wait to be back next year. 

And some exciting news. Next year is the first year it will be the Alamo 26.2 and I have already registered! This will be my fifth marathon unless I find one to run by the end of this year ;) 

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