2017 Goals

January 11, 2017

Finally (!!!!) getting around to posting my goals for the year after... only 11 days. I wrote this list back in November when I was super stressed out with school and wanted a break/to think about what motivates me each day.

First, here are 2016's goals:

  • Run a half marathon (thinking of changing February's 26.2 to 13.1)-- Decided to DNS that race since it would have been too much with nursing school
  • Run the Boston Marathon in April-- DONE. recap here 
  • Find balance with work, school, and life --I'd count this as done but it was a hectic/stressful year
And now 2017's goals:
  • Run the NYC Marathon November 2017 (I entered the lottery just to try ;)
  • Race 4 sprint triathlons
  • Race at least 2 Olympic distance triathlons
  • Run below a 1:30 half marathon!! I've been trying to break 1:36 since 2014
  • If I don't get into NYC Marathon, race US Open Triathlon in under 3 hours
  • Graduate from nursing school (Lord willing in December of this year!!!)
  • Spend more time outdoors, being in the moment, and finding joy

I am so happy for a new year, new (and bigger) goals and to see where the year takes me!

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