Race Recap: Manly Man/Strong Woman Sprint Triathlon

September 5, 2016

Fast forward the next weekend, August 27th, my racing had not taken a break. I had another sprint triathlon to compete in. I have competed in three triathlons and one duathlon and this race was my favorite of all! Although the swim was a bit hectic, the course was beautiful.

After a nine hour lecture day (hello nursing school), the last thing I felt like doing was drive 45 minutes to pick up my race packet the evening before the race. But, after debating for a few minutes I realized that I didn't feel like waking up at four in the morning to pick it up before transition closed. Soo I turned up some pop music, ate some snacks, and made the drive. I was glad I decided that as I picked up my packet full of a t-shirt, backpack, and race tattoos. This made me more excited to race!! If you know me you know one of my favorite race items is race tattoos. There is nothing that pumps me up more than that. The race tats made me look like a pro! 

Race morning I had an early wake up but the perfect pre-race meal- pancakes, fruit, and coffee. 

The emails before the race warned of a steep hill on the bike that we could only go less than 20mph down or else we would be disqualified. Biking isn't my strongest of the sports and actually makes me a little nervous. I don't ride on roads, I only do trainer rides, the only time I am on roads is during a race. I was anxious before the race- what if I flip over my handlebars down the hill? what if I exceed 20mph and get disqualified? I tried to push back the fear and only think about how exciting racing is. 

I got to transition and set up my bike but this time- no socks!! Last race they were a hassle to get my wet feet into and took more time to put on. 

Transition area ^^

Swim: 300 meters// 7:40 minutes 

The course was around a local resort which had two pools. The swim course had us start in one pool and swim in a triangle shape then we got out and walked down to the lower area/different pool to swim back and forth in lanes the rest of the way. The theme is Manly Man tri and the men started the race first. The women had to wait a little while to begin. Once we were ready they had us stall as the last men got out of the upper pool. Once I got into the water I had a fast swim at the triangle shape course. However, I was a little upset at the swim course. First, a girl in front of me told me her swim time was faster than mine and I allowed her to start first. Soon after I realized I was much faster and had to drag behind her for awhile. ** tips to others during a swim: if I tap your heel, it means move over a bit so I can pass you ** I passed her but when I moved to the lower pool there were men still finishing their swim so the lanes were very crowded. I was hoping for another fast, effortless swim but I was held up a bit more than I planned. 

After that fiasco, I headed to transition where I remembered helmet first then put on everything else. I grabbed my shoes without socks and walked out of transition to start the bike. 

Bike: 10 miles// 39:29 minutes// 15.2mph

We went out five miles then came back five miles for a total of ten. The course was super hilly and my legs were burning within the first few miles! This lady in a super cute Coeur Sports tri suit passed me going super fast. She looked awesome- legit bike, matching tri suit, etc. She was strong, fast, and looked confident as she tackled the hills. In that moment, I decided I wasn't going to let cycling be my "weak sport." The course was tough but it opened my eyes to how much work I need to put into cycling before my big race in October.

Oh and the steep hill? I shouldn't have been anxious about. I braked my way downhill to control my speed. I don't wear a watch so I just braked the whole way. The hill winded sharp downhill and at the bottom is a speed bump. When I made my way back to the hill that I would now be going up, I put my easiest gear on and saw how far I could make it up. Halfway up my heart was pounding, I was breathing hard, and I jumped off to walk up and settle back down before the run. 

Can you tell how steep it is with everyone walking bikes up??

Run: 2 miles// 16:20 minutes// 8:10 pace

My legs burned after the hilly bike and now I was beginning a hilly run. Again, I focused on passing the next person in front of me to keep up my pace. 

The course was tough but it was very well put together and featured amazing views. I did this one with my triathlon group as well and each person placed top three in their age groups! I came out with 5th overall female and 1st in my age group. I was very happy with first!

I received a mug for overall winner and a mug from my triathlon group for competing in two races in two weekends! I loved the feeling of racing again after three months of no races. A finish line is one of the most exciting things.

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  1. Congrats! This is awesome! I used to to triathlons (much slower than you) and I loved them :)


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