Race Recap: Dam '09 Sprint Triathlon

September 2, 2016

    About 1/2 of the triathlon group- it's a big/fun crowd!!

On August 20th I raced my third sprint triathlon. It has been two years since my last two triathlons and before this race I was trying to remember everything I needed for each sport- goggles, swim cap, bib belt holder, race bib, shoes, socks (which I realized are more of a hassle but more on that later), water bottle, and race timer.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I joined a triathlon team back in July and I have been training with them as we prepared for these two triathlons. I got a text from the coach the afternoon before the race saying my group tri suit had come in so I quickly stopped by her house to pick it up. I didn't try on before ordering. When I ordered I went off of a ruler measurement. I was a bit nervous about the fit since my measurements were in between sizes. I had chosen the smaller fit. Hence why I was nervous- I was afraid it would be too tight or too short on my longer torso. When I put it on I was happy it was a perfect fit!

The night before the race I had everything laid out and then it hit me- I had no idea where my race belt was. It ended up being at my sister's apartment which meant she received a lovely wake up the next morning to hand it off to me (thanks sister!).

Swim: 400 meters// 8:03 minutes

The swim was in a fifty meter pool with eight lanes. We went down a lane then crossed over to the next lane to swim back another fifty meter lane. This was very well planned as it didn't overcrowd! The swim felt effortless and ended sooner than I wanted it too.

Transition #1-- I ran walked a little ways back to transition where I first put on my helmet, then socks and shoes.

Bike: 32.47 minutes// 9 miles// 16.5 mph

The bike was a three mile loop repeated three times. The bike was quick so not much to note here. One thing of importance- I realized how weak my biking is!

Transition #2-- I didn't have clip-ins during this race so my same socks and shoes I keep on during the bike are also on during the run. By the time I went out for the run, my socks were soaked and were sloshing around.  

Run: 2 miles// 19:19 minutes// 7:43 pace

The run was out one mile then back. My legs felt heavy as I started my run. I focused on getting to the next person in front of me and so forth.

Always smiling during my favorite part :)

It was a very quick race and I wanted it to last longer. I forgot how fun triathlons are! I ended up getting second in my age group.

On to the next!!

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