Things I've Been Wanting Lately

June 20, 2016

I think visors are so cute. I love just that simple Adidas one in black or even pink.
Also, socks are either too thin or too thick but Bombas socks are the perfect in the middle. 

I usually have Clif Shot Blocks for long training runs but my last training cycle my sister sent me some Pro Bar's to try out and they were the best thing ever. I had no stomach issues after eating them and they left me with tons of energy! I had some of the best long runs when I took these along. They sell them at REI. 

I lost my iPod charger and I am 99% positive it is in the Colorado airport. After going though security  with my overstuffed Boston backpack the guard stopped me and made me empty the entire front pocket because the machine read something weird in it. The entire front pocket had all my charger sets and a watch. I had to dump it all out. They ended up telling me the watch looked like a pocket knife but they were mistaken and I was good to go. Except I wasn't good to go because somewhere in that whole mess my iPod charger went missing and I haven't had the time to go buy a new one. Well.... haven't had the time/I just want to run and sleep on my days off of the twelve hour crazy shifts. I miss running with music and really need to buy a new charger. Asap.

Something is causing me to have some lower leg pain when I run and I don't know if it's my shoes, or posture, or what??? But it is highly annoying and I miss the days when running felt easy. I have heard  positive reviews on these Hokas. Although I love Mizunos, I want to try out a new brand to see if that helps the pain. 

That cycling jersey, oh my! I already own cycling shorts but no jerseys. I think it would be nice to ride with a jersey. 


  1. Highly recommend the Hokas! I prefer the Cliftons, but have ran in those Claytons a few times and really like them, too! Roka for the win! Also recommend Coeur Sports cycling jerseys :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendations!!! Highly appreciated by a newbie triathlete ;) I ordered a few items off Roka swim gear and looking forward to training in them!


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