New Goals, Same Races

June 22, 2016

Lately I have been missing racing more than ever. I have been racing less since the beginning of nursing school. I have been searching some races for the rest of the year and I found three that I am really wanting to do. Now, once a busy semester starts in August I may change my mind but for now it is nice to have some goals in mind :)

1. Beat my last half marathon time of 1:36:xx. 

My last half marathon was last Spring. My last PR for the half marathon was in 2014. That was 2 years 2 long! I want to race the Chosen Half in November which is the same race as the marathon I ran to try and qualify for Boston for the first time. It is a beautiful course with a lot of hills.

2. Complete a triathlon.

I haven't raced a triathlon in a long time. I had so much fun during my first two triathlons but then mainly set my sights on marathons. The two tri's I have been deciding between is a Duathlon in July (close enough to a tri) OR a short tri in October. I have been searching the least expensive pools that I can swim at and found one that my sister and I are going to swim at next week. Swimming is a nice break from all the pounding on my legs plus I find it relaxing. I'm looking forward to swimming again!

3. Run the Rock n Roll Marathon in December because I'm officially obsessed with this distance.

I wasn't considering another marathon this year but when I received an email that advertised a new flat course + a finisher jacket I became highly tempted.

All this depends on my Fall schedule which will be a heavy load but I am excited to have some goals in mind... even if I complete none of them I will just have something to add to next years goals. 

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