Getting Ready For Boston

May 9, 2016

Okay, finally I can recap my Boston Marathon weekend! Nursing school is out for the summer and I successfully finished my first year of nursing. Rewinding back to Boston though...

The week before Boston I had a ton of homework to do and the next week I had due 5 templates, a powerpoint to finish, clinical paperwork, and 5 chapters to read. I was so motivated to not have any homework while in Boston so I basically ran on caffeine with no naps even after 8 hour clinical days trying to finish everything before I flew out at 5am on that Saturday morning. It was an exhausting week but I was so excited!! 

On Friday afternoon before I left for the weekend, I packed my bags and then headed to the nail salon to get race day nails. I found a picture on Google of Boston themed nails and went to the salon asking for this certain look:

The next morning the alarm went off very early (4:30am ew) and I got dressed and ready for the airport. 

After a few hours, my parents and I arrived in Boston and we found a taxi to take us to our hotel. We stayed at the Residence Inn right across from Fenway Park. It was beautiful there! Apparently the week before was snowing but when we were there it was 50 degrees, sunny, and perfect. 

My dad said he booked whatever hotel was still open but we found out we had a great location for everything! The views from our hotel:

When we got there in the early afternoon I was pretty tired so I took a quick rest. After, we headed to the three story Target that was a couple blocks away. We grabbed some groceries there but most of our meals were covered. We had free breakfast at the hotel each morning, lunch was sandwiches, chips, and fruit we got at Target, and then dinner we either went out or had athlete's dinner.

Thanks to a tip from the hotel staff, my dad and I grabbed Regina's pizza for dinner (which was delicious). We walked around but it was pretty chilly and windy out so we headed in for bed.

I love this "welcome marathoners" sign at a random hotel we walked by :)

Stay tuned for the marathon expo!!

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