Boston Marathon Expo + Athlete's Dinner

May 11, 2016

Sunday morning I slept in and then went downstairs to grab the hotel breakfast. It was actually pretty good food- oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, coffee and juice. I tried eating as much as I could that day but I was excited and had some pre-race nerves.

After breakfast it was time for the expo!! My dad and I took the metro everywhere during the weekend. We decided not to rent a car as it would be a lot of traffic and would be more of a hassle.
We walked to the metro which was across the street from the famous Citgo sign. For marathoners, the Citgo sign means one mile left of the race. The saying is "Citgo 1 mile to go."

The metro was so cool and convenient. I definitely recommend the metro over renting a car.

Ahh finally the expo!!

You can see the finish line in the distance ^^

The expo building was huge... but the expo ended up being really cramped. There were lots of booths and venders but the amount of people was overwhelming and distracting. Rather than being able to enjoy walking around the place I ended up being so overwhelmed I just wanted to leave.

I found the sign that had all the marathoners names on it and took my picture next to my name. Then saw a man with a marathon backpack and asked where he found it. I found my way to the Adidas entrance and looked everywhere for the backpack that was no longer there. The clerk said I could try the Adidas Run Base located across the street. I bought "Boston Strong" t-shirts for myself and sister's, found cute shoe charms that slide into shoelaces, and then couldn't wait to get away from the hundreds of people all cramped in that place. Next, I went over to the Run Base in search of the backpack.

Pictures from the Expo:

Got my bib number :) ^^
The race map ^^

The wall decorated in every single 30,000 participant's names ^^
Closer up finish line ^^

The Adidas Run Base was just as crazy as the expo with the line circling the entire store. By this time I was ready to give up on the backpack. He told me to keep searching and to ask someone but with how crazy it was I told him I would just try to order it online. It was a pretty sweet pack and I searched everywhere but couldn't find it. I told my dad I was ready to head back to the hotel for lunch (disappointed). He then asked a store clerk if there was any left. She led me around the store to each spot it would be at anddddd... no backpack. Then she checked the back anddddd.... brought out a handful of them. AHHHH yes I was so happy. I finally got that backpack that took way too much trouble finding but it was so worth it. I seriously carry it everywhere now. 

The race gave us a long sleeve Boston shirt, poster that also has each participants name on it, race car decal, temporary tattoos, and a beer opener. I bought the backpack, Boston Strong t-shirt, and the shoe charms. 

I saw a fellow marathoner on Instagram write on her shoes and loved the idea so I stole it ;)

After a crazy morning/afternoon I ate lunch and slept for an hour. That evening was the Athlete's dinner which I rode the metro to.

It was chilly that night as well which I ate super quick to get back to the warm hotel room. At around 9pm I realized I didn't pack any throw away clothes. A trip to the three story Target was required where I found a size small men's grey sweatpants. My other option was women's fashion pants which I don't know why Target didn't have any women's sweatpants? I put on my race tattoos and headed to bed where I literally got 4 hours of sleep because way too excited/nervous to sleep.

Up next... Race recap!!!

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