Lovin' 6 Pack Fitness

February 1, 2016

I meant to write this post two years ago when I first got this lunch box but never got around to it! So... here I am today. My oldest sister first introduced me to 6 Pack Fitness when she purchased the "Elite Originator." At first I was thinking, "Ok, this is a really big lunch box. Why is this necessary?" She uses her pack for when she travels and doesn't want to eat out. She showed me the smaller size called the "Innovator Mini" which was more my size.

^^^ I didn't get a great picture with all containers since snapped this real quick before school.
It comes with three plastic containers, a nutrition container, and ice packs. This lunch box keeps food cold for 8 hours!! It is perfect for my long school days and for when I work 12 hour shifts. I needed to get serious with nutrition as I train for Boston so rather than packing only pbj's and chips, I can fill this up with my morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, and sometimes even dinner.

This post isn't even sponsored- I just love this lunch box that much. I highly recommend it!!
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