The beginning of training

January 6, 2016

The beginning of training for a race is an exciting time.

You look forward to each workout,

train at unusual times (pitch black outside & raining? perfect conditions if you ask me) and don't care if you are five days sleep deprived because #traininglove,

complete every single workout as planned,

smile throughout every workout,

run a little too fast during weekend long runs,

tell everyone just how many races you are going to do next year (did I already tell you guys I am running Boston for the first time!!!). That's expected because it's the early stages of training when you are fresh. Then fast forward a few months weeks and it is a totally different story.

You wonder just how many days you can take as a rest day in a row, (so far it has been three, I don't think I'll lose fitness taking four... or seven)

you stress about when your going to fit your workout in (4am or 8pm???),

your long runs suck,

but you still tell people just how many races you're going to do next year :)
did I tell you guys I am running Boston for the first time!!!!


  1. 4am run?? More power to you!! I have a half marathon in DC in March.... it's going to be SOOOO COLDDDD!


    1. I haven't been brave enough to run at 4.. Usually stick to the later time haha. Oh wow yes that will be cold!! Good luck with your training!!


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