A look back at 2015

January 4, 2016

A few things from 2015....

I became a social runner by joining a running group a few times, became a Certified Nurse Assistant, began working in the hospital, met new friends through Bible study, celebrated my birthday at the beach, watched my sister compete in a CrossFit competition and win first place, bought more Lululemon, ran a few spring half marathons, (finally) went flying with my dad, figured out how to train for a marathon four days out of the week and work three 12 hour shifts the other days.

I celebrated one my best friends weddings and caught the bouquet (ohh what does this mean?!), trained through the hottest months of the year (not a good idea), ran a couple 20 milers (still amazing to me because I haven't ran past 14 miles since... summer, rode a roller coaster I said I would never get on, watched my other sister compete in her first triathlon, hired a new coach and joined the weekly track workouts, learned how to braid my hair like Jordan Hasay, had super fun sister days. 

I also ran with my sister occasionally during the summer to have a buddy on long runs, celebrated the end of summer with a trip to Schlitterbahn, bought my first stethoscope, started nursing school and found that 7:12am is super late in the day (so much to do all the time!!!), met a puppy on campus and wanted to steal him, went out on Halloween for the first time in 22 years to a haunted house that was so freaky but so much fun!, had a rainy thanksgiving with my family.


I went to a basketball game, kept calm and nursed on, looked more like a Lululemon walking advertisement by the day, passed my first semester of nursing school (phew!!! that was hard), bought my first beanie that I am never taking off, went to DisneyWorld at the end of finals (maybe I'll make a separate post on this), and had all of my family + grandparents in town to celebrate Christmas.

2015, you were crazy but you were so good <3


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