Boston Marathon Training: Week 1 & 2

January 24, 2016

I once said I wouldn't train for a marathon while in school since my main focus right now is school. However, that's exactly what I am doing. I would never pass up the opportunity to run Boston. I remember that I don't have to run Boston, I get to and that is what keeps me motivated every single day. 

Because all of this takes sacrifice (I am sacrificing a lot of sleep ;) I have decided to lessen my load. Rather than run two marathons during this semester, I will only be running the Boston marathon. That said, here is a look at what my training has been like these past two weeks. I did start training/running longer weekend distances during November/December and that is why I am at a higher distance now for my weekend long runs. 

Week One:
Monday: 8.5 miles 
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 2 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 12 miles 
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Weights
Weekly total- 26.5 miles running, 30 mins cross training

Week Two:
Monday: Biking 
Tuesday: 5.6 miles 
Wednesday: 4 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 14 miles 
Sunday: Rest
Weekly total- 23.6 miles running, 2 hour cross training 

Christmas In DisneyWorld

January 13, 2016

I am a few weeks late on this because nursing school is life!!!!

My family and I celebrated Christmas in Disney World and it was the best :) We are wearing tank tops because the weather was in the 70s!! We went crazy, like always. We rode everything multiple times, danced all day, stayed up way past bedtime, saw every firework show possible, and continued to spend all of Dad's money. A few pictures from the trip...

The beginning of training

January 6, 2016

The beginning of training for a race is an exciting time.

You look forward to each workout,

train at unusual times (pitch black outside & raining? perfect conditions if you ask me) and don't care if you are five days sleep deprived because #traininglove,

complete every single workout as planned,

smile throughout every workout,

run a little too fast during weekend long runs,

tell everyone just how many races you are going to do next year (did I already tell you guys I am running Boston for the first time!!!). That's expected because it's the early stages of training when you are fresh. Then fast forward a few months weeks and it is a totally different story.

You wonder just how many days you can take as a rest day in a row, (so far it has been three, I don't think I'll lose fitness taking four... or seven)

you stress about when your going to fit your workout in (4am or 8pm???),

your long runs suck,

but you still tell people just how many races you're going to do next year :)
did I tell you guys I am running Boston for the first time!!!!

A look back at 2015

January 4, 2016

A few things from 2015....

I became a social runner by joining a running group a few times, became a Certified Nurse Assistant, began working in the hospital, met new friends through Bible study, celebrated my birthday at the beach, watched my sister compete in a CrossFit competition and win first place, bought more Lululemon, ran a few spring half marathons, (finally) went flying with my dad, figured out how to train for a marathon four days out of the week and work three 12 hour shifts the other days.

I celebrated one my best friends weddings and caught the bouquet (ohh what does this mean?!), trained through the hottest months of the year (not a good idea), ran a couple 20 milers (still amazing to me because I haven't ran past 14 miles since... summer, rode a roller coaster I said I would never get on, watched my other sister compete in her first triathlon, hired a new coach and joined the weekly track workouts, learned how to braid my hair like Jordan Hasay, had super fun sister days. 

I also ran with my sister occasionally during the summer to have a buddy on long runs, celebrated the end of summer with a trip to Schlitterbahn, bought my first stethoscope, started nursing school and found that 7:12am is super late in the day (so much to do all the time!!!), met a puppy on campus and wanted to steal him, went out on Halloween for the first time in 22 years to a haunted house that was so freaky but so much fun!, had a rainy thanksgiving with my family.


I went to a basketball game, kept calm and nursed on, looked more like a Lululemon walking advertisement by the day, passed my first semester of nursing school (phew!!! that was hard), bought my first beanie that I am never taking off, went to DisneyWorld at the end of finals (maybe I'll make a separate post on this), and had all of my family + grandparents in town to celebrate Christmas.

2015, you were crazy but you were so good <3
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