Life Updates

September 29, 2015

September flew by which was actually perfect. The start of nursing school has been crazy but I love it! During the whole month of September we had only 4 days of nothing major due. The rest of the month was skills check offs, tests and quizzes. My days start at 5am and I study constantly throughout the day until 11pm. I am learning just how little of sleep I can get each night and still be ok ;)

I have fully recovered from my marathon that was... two months ago! I took off a few weeks only running 2-3 miles every other day. I still have not gone over six miles but I am working on adding more miles/getting back into running shape. I found a half marathon in January that I want to run.

I applied for the Boston Marathon two weeks ago and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully soon!

And other news:
I added highlights to my hair #love

I bought new running shoes and new school/strength training shoes. The running shoes are Mizuno Wave Riders like always in Cayenne color. 

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