Race Recap: I Ran Marathons 13.1

July 2, 2015

This past weekend I ran a half marathon. I used this race as practice since the course is the same for the marathon I will be running in four weeks. It was good practice so now I know what it will feel like, when to speed up, etc. I trained right through this race (no tapering or easy workouts afterwards).

Lululemon Swiftly Tank // Nike Pro Spanx (ended up wearing speed shorts) // Mizunos

While my goal was to be faster than the half I ran in march (which I beat by only a few seconds), my coach wanted me to run an even pace and not worry so much about beating records. She wants me to focus on the full marathon. Of course!

The course is out ~ 3.4 miles out and back repeated twice for 13.1 total. I used the first loop as warm up. I finished 7 miles in 52 minutes.

My whole family got up early (like 4:45am early) to watch me. Their support is the best! So after I ran the first loop they were waiting with gatorade to hand to me. My mom ran a bit with me until I handed the bottle back, encouraged me to keep it up, and I was off for another loop.

The aid stations were a little more spread out than I expected. The station was at mile 1.68 so that when I came back I didn't have anything to drink until mile 4. I usually try to drink gatorade every mile or two. It was a pretty humid morning and I should have been drinking more (always my mistake). I definitely will being my FuelBelt along for the marathon to keep up fluids!

My last few miles were slower than I wanted. I was hitting 7:40 paces but wanted 7:20s. However, my last mile was a 7:09!

I ended in 1:37. It was fun to race again and I am looking forward to running the marathon in just a few weeks!

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