Peak Week... failure

July 11, 2015

So behind on blogging, my bad! From working at the hospital, nannying, training, and getting ready for nursing school (already getting ahead on reading assignments), I have little time to put together a blog post these days. But thank you to those that still read! 

this is from this morning's 15 miler @ 8:17 pace 

Last week was peak week and it.. didn't end so well. I had 42 miles worth of running to do in four days. I started the week strong with an interval run and a trip to get a sports massage as I prepared for a good week. I took ice baths and stretched to get my legs ready for the longest run of the training cycle- 22 miles. However, about 13 miles into the run I started to feel sick. I looped back home, totally threw up (TMI, I know) and then debated what to do. I decided to eat a bit and take an hour break to see how I felt. I set out with my sister but after 16.5 miles my legs were done and I stopped. That was the longest I would run before the marathon. I was really upset that I didn't finish the run. Sometimes running sucks. 

I'm only joking about the post title. It wasn't a total failure. I got in 32 miles of running, 2 hours of cross training, and 3 speed run days. The week was really fun! I took a whole week off work to have a short break. I went flying with my dad, to track workout, went to see Jurassic World with my family, had my sister home for the weekend, saw fireworks for 4th of July, went shopping, and had a friend bike beside me for 13 of the miles!

@ the track. we sent this to our coach to prove we all still went when she was unable to join 

first time flying with my dad!! It was soo much fun!

I also signed up for a week free trial at the gym so I could swim laps on two of the days. I haven't swam since October. My sister and I also went to a Cardio Dance class and we had a blast. Thinking of getting a membership just for the dance class..

from fourth of july 

This past week was filled with catching up with friends, finally confirming my registration for the marathon in August, and ended with a 15 mile run. I was hitting some 7:30s on the run that was supposed to be at 8:15 pace but come on, how can I not enjoy a good run?! 

There are good training days and horrible training days (you know the ones that make you doubt all of your training) but I am keeping my head up and thinking positive towards the race! 

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