Training update: long runs

June 19, 2015

My long runs have been going great so far. I am running at a faster pace for the longer runs than even last season. The schedule of runs these past few weeks have looked like this:

10 miles @ 8:56 pace
15 miles @ 8:45 pace
20 miles @ 8:46 pace
10 miles @ 9:00 pace
18 miles @ 8:59 pace
20 miles @ 8:38 pace

I also have intervals during the runs at marathon goal pace. I have a half marathon next weekend which I am hoping to PR at especially since I have trained well over a half marathon plan. I am six weeks out from my marathon (which I didn't realize until I looked at the calendar today!!) and can't wait to keep training to see how I do!


  1. Holy cow. Awesome job, Sara! You are on fire. I'm assuming you have at least one or two more 20+ milers before race day? I can't believe your marathon is in 6 weeks. Good luck next weekend!

    1. Thank you Madelynne!! I have a 22 miler this weekend and that should be my last long run :) It's coming up fast!


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