May 8, 2015

Next week starts week one of marathon training.

I originally planned to run the Chosen Marathon again in November. I would continue base training throughout the summer and start to train in August for a November marathon. However, I just started a new job where I work 12 hour shifts and I start nursing school at the end of August. I felt that it would be too tough to add in intense marathon training August- November with work and school. I talked with my coach and we have decided to begin marathon training now.

I have a half marathon at the end of June to see where my time is at (hopefully PR) and the marathon is on August 2nd.

My goal is a 3:20 marathon but I will take anything under 3:35 in order to qualify for Boston.

Marathon training round three. I am ready to run far!!

Feeling 22..

May 5, 2015

Last weekend I turned 22. Each year I do the same thing- dinner and celebrate with family but this year I wanted to do something different for my birthday.

My friends and I planned a day at the beach. We met at 9am and drove down to the coast. We brought snacks and got ready for a relaxing day. The coast is about 3 hours away. The bad thing was that it was really windy which brought in a ton of jellyfish so we couldn't even get in the water. Ha! But we had fun tanning and listening to music.

It was a pretty chill day but it was the perfect getaway for a birthday.

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