Happy Second Birthday, Blog!

April 18, 2015

Two years have passed since I started this blog and it feels as though I have been writing here forever. I never knew how much this blog would transform over the years but I definitely didn't expect everything I have gotten! From testing out products to being an ambassador for different programs, I continue to feel so grateful.

This isn't the most popular blog on the Internet but it remains my space to write about my life. I thank everyone for your continual support over the past two years. This blog wouldn't be what it is without you.

Thanks for reading and happy birthday blog!

Week Recap: March 15th- April 8th

April 8, 2015

I am three weeks behind on weekly training recaps- oops! I won't go into all the details but I will post weekly stats. 

But first, I received the best news ever this week. I am accepted to nursing school!!! I have been working hard in school and praying about it for a long time. It wasn't the easiest path but I am so happy God gave me this opportunity. I start in August and cannot wait!

Week of March 15th:
4.44 hours of training
30.52 miles of running

This was the week of Alamo 13.1. After the half marathon, I signed up for a free post race massage. I ended up being with my friend who is a masseuse. I told her I wanted my legs worked on and I scheduled a massage later that week which was so nice!

Week of March 23rd:
6.40 hours of training
24.47 miles of running

This week was a recovery week and ended with an eight mile run. At the end of the week my sister was racing for her college team. I was able to see/cheer her on since they were running in town. 

Week of March 30th:
5.30 hours of training
28.79 miles of running

My coach has me adding in zone 3 to my runs this week. I asked my coach if I could try and PR in the half marathon and she said June is ideal. I am working on getting faster for that. 

Other life news:

Last week I took my state exam to be certified as a CNA. I was so nervous all day long but I passed!

My Bible study friends and I decided that Monday's are girls night. One Monday, we went to grab sandwiches. We were making jokes that we were visiting Big Ben in London since the clock behind us was huge and chimed loudly every 30 minutes.

When my sister came into town for Spring Break (back in March) we went shopping and she bought this outfit at Anthropologie except the top in black. I loved it so I bought it too with a different top. Ha! She lives in another state so we figured no one would ever know :)

That top was on repeat for a few days since I liked it so much but now I am taking a break from it.
Oh look, here it is again:

My sister and I before church one Saturday ^^

This past weekend I played in the orchestra at church for the Easter services. I haven't been able to play in a few months and I really enjoyed being a part of the worship. 
My sister and I were asked three times if we were twins. I made a joke on Instagram that we were but we really aren't! 

Another girls night. We each stood in the same place and had solo pics then I put them together via a photo collage. Voila!

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