Spring Break '15

March 16, 2015

Spring break is spent in one of three places: skiing, the beach, or home. This year my family and I spent our break at home. My oldest sister came into town on Sunday and spent the whole week with us. My other older sister could only come for two of the days but we were happy she was able to come down.

The week started off pretty chilly and rainy hence the boots and scarves in the above picture. Towards the end of the week it was beautiful with 70 degree days and sun. Finally!

When you go to a cookie stand, you have to get the biggest size they offer.  

We spent the week shopping, running errands, and having a semi-spa day with haircuts and manicures. 

Saturday we got our workouts in, ran a quick errand before church, then went to dinner after church. My younger sister had a track meet and did great. Her coach gave her a goal time and she hit it right on the mark. (Way to go Kathleen!)

cotton candy clouds

It was a fun, relaxed week and I am happy all of us could spend the week together!

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