Race Recap: Alamo 13.1

March 26, 2015

This past Sunday I ran a half marathon- Alamo 13.1. This is my favorite race that I have done for the past three years (previous recaps here and here). Saturday afternoon my sister and I headed downtown to pick up my race bib and swag. The swag this year was the best so far- a duffle bag, tech shirt, and car decal. It was pouring rain so my sister dropped me off and drove around the block to avoid paying for downtown parking. I walked in, grabbed my gear, and was finished within thirty seconds.

I was very nervous before the race because I wanted to do well but wasn't sure how I would do. I haven't raced since October, I haven't done a lot of speed work, etc. I knew I wanted my time to be in the hour thirties. The race started at 7:45am and my parents and I got downtown at 7:15am. Before the race they have prayer, national anthem, and a cannon blast start. Quite the scene!

My coach told me to stay in zone 2 for the first four miles (HR at 155) then after that I could run whatever I wanted for the last nine miles. I listened to what she said... I just may not have followed it. I started off the race at a pretty easy effort but I was already out of zone two (HR at 165). I wasn't about to slow down so I ignored heart rate and ran my race.

The first couple of miles were flat as we weaved around the Alamo and downtown streets. At mile three there were a few rolling hills. I shortened my stride up the hills and cruised the downhills. The course this year was adjusted due to construction downtown which meant less hills but more trails. We ran along trails for about two miles and through a muddy patch.

First 6.55 miles 7:39 pace

I kept my pace pretty consistent throughout the whole run. I would speed up to see how it felt and if it wasn't good then I would settle back into pace. 7:30s felt easy so I stuck with that.

At mile ten my goal was to be between 1:08- 1:15 which would ensure a time below 1:40. I had my playlist set to have faster songs when I got to that point. When I reached mile ten I was at 1:14 which was cutting it close. I listened to quick songs and picked up my pace a bit.

As I neared the finish, we were running along the riverwalk. It was beautiful but it felt like it lasted forever. My pace was slowing as I was getting tired but I focused on keeping up with the few people in front of me. When I passed a guy he told me I was seventh female. I used this as motivation to try and get to the next girl in front of me (I never did). We weaved through the streets and finally I recognized the end. I picked up the pace, turned off my music, and listened to everyone cheering.

Last 6.55 miles 7:27 pace

I haven't raced in five months and I was worried that I had lost speed. However, I finished two minutes behind my PR, was under 1:40, and had a negative split. I'll take it!

Mile 1- 7:39
Mile 2- 7:28
Mile 3- 6:51
Mile 4- 7:24
Mile 5- 7:35
Mile 6- 7:38
Mile 7- 7:38
Mile 8- 7:50
Mile 9- 7:45
Mile 10- 7.47
Mile 11- 7.38
Mile 12- 7.43
Mile 13.1- 7.45

Finish time: 1:38:55 
1st in age group out of 54
 7th female | 35th overall

With being seventh female I didn't expect any first place awards. I was surprised I had won my age group! My dad and I stuck around for the awards where I received the 20-24 age group winner.

Even with the change of course, this race remains my favorite. It was challenging but very fun.
Thank you to my family for coming and supporting me! Thank you Alamo 13.1 for the free race photos and awesome volunteers. You guys rock!! See you next year!


  1. Wow, awesome job! First in your age group is awesome!! I am training for my first half this coming spring and so excited to finally see what the whole experience is like after reading your recap :)

    1. Thank you!! It is definitely exciting :) Good luck with training!

  2. Way to go! Love your race outfit :)

  3. Great job, Sara! I knew you would reach your goal and congrats on the age group win! Sounds like the race was a confidence booster :)

    P.S. Fantastic race photos. They look like Lululemon ads!

    1. Thank you Madelynne!! Great job to you too with your PR!

      Haha that's funny!

  4. Fantastic race, Sara! Way to rock your AG! Congrats!


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