Life Updates (February- March)

March 8, 2015

You know you haven't blogged in awhile when you forget your blogger password. Oops! I figured an update post would be the perfect way to come back. 

First, as I continue to pursue my dream of being a nurse, I signed up for a nurse assistant (commonly called CNA) course. I learned basic care in order to work in a nursing home or hospital. I have very little experience because my whole college career I was doing a lot of other things such as racing, orchestra, nannying full time. 

The course was fast paced for five weeks. We learned 30 chapters in 3 weeks, had four tests, and practiced the skills needed to attend two weeks of clinicals in a nursing home. I loved it. I finished the course last Friday. I applied for three different jobs at two hospitals in my area and I GOT A JOB! I will be working as a patient care assistant in a hospital. It is 3- 12 hour shifts per week and I am so excited to start. With the CNA course, I have a state exam I take to be certified. So these next couple of weeks I will be buying scrubs for work, studying for and taking the state exam, and starting a new job. 

I applied to three different nursing schools which I am supposed to hear back from in two weeks!

 First pair of scrubs!!

I have been keeping up with training with mostly green boxes in training peaks. Yay!
These past few weekends were 10 miles -10 miles -12 miles -8 miles. My paces are faster (around 8:00-8:30) than I used to train at (around 9) but feel easier. 
And, I have a half marathon coming up on the 22nd. I am excited for it! I already have my race outfit picked out. 

In other news, I have been attending a Bible study at my church, celebrated a friend's baby shower, and got a snapchat. Follow me at: sara-hoffman :)

Last week was a lower mileage week. I had an eight mile run to do this morning which it poured rain the entire run. When I finished the run it stopped raining, of course. 

This week is spring break. My two older sisters are coming into town tonight and it is girls week: hair cuts, manicures, shopping, and relaxing are on our list of things to do. 

Life is good


  1. I missed you in blog land! And congratulations on the job! Scrubs are the best, aren't they? I used to be a medical assistant and loved the Grey's Anatomy brand of scrubs because they were super soft and fitted. Good luck with the rest of training and happy spring break!

    1. Thanks Madelynne!! Yes they are! I have had a lot of recommendations on that brand. Definitely buying those!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! So exciting!! Enjoy your spring break!

    1. Thank you Brie!! Hope you enjoyed yours as well!

  3. Congrats on your CNA cert and new job! And, best of luck with nursing school… I know you'll get in!


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