Week Recap: January 26th - February 15th

February 16, 2015

A new coach means new training plans and methods. My coach has me working on zone 2 running for the next couple of weeks. I am training my body to run at a certain pace (8:30s) while keeping my heart rate low. I am behind on training weeks so here is three weeks worth of training. 

Week of January 26th

I ordered new shoes and have been loving them! 

Monday: Bike
Tuesday: VO2 testing + Strength

I met with my coach to test my VO2 on a treadmill. FYI: I hate treadmills. In high school I tripped on my shoe laces and flew off of one. I had a heart rate monitor strapped around my chest and a mask covering my nose and mouth. It wasn't too comfortable but I focused on running normally. After twelve minutes of running, we got the results back to use for training.

Wednesday: Track workout

Each Wednesday evening, I meet with my coach (and other athletes she coaches) at the track for a workout. I am enjoying having a coach that I can meet and run with! My usual post-track drinks:

Thursday: Run
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run + Strength
Sunday: Long(ish) run- 8 miles

I finished the week with an 8 mile run.

This week was:
4.43 hours of training
23.85 miles of running
1 hour 20 minutes of cross training

Week of February 2nd

Last week I started ready to tackle six runs but towards the end of the week I came down with a cold and I was exhausted. I skipped a few workouts and rested instead.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Run + Strength
Wednesday: Track workout

I normally run zone 2 but because my heart rate comes down so fast during recovery, coach let me work on some speed work during the track workout. 

Thursday: Run + Strength

I went to class for five hours, ate lunch, did my two workouts, met up with a friend for an afternoon snack, and went to Bible study.

Friday: Run sick

I had a four hour CPR training class on Friday for a nursing course I am taking. I was exhausted from staying up way late the previous night. I napped the afternoon, went to see the High School Musical play with my family, then went back to sleep.

Saturday: Run + Strength

I felt better on Saturday so I continued my planned workouts. Plus, tested out some Cordskinz.

Sunday: Long(ish) run- 8 miles

I had 10 miles on the schedule and was looking forward to completing my first double digit run of the year. I wasn't feeling great but started for the run anyway. After four miles I realized it was a bad decision so I walked/ran my way home ending with about 5 miles.

The rest of the day was work, studying, and dinner.

This week was:
5 hours of training
27.54 miles of running
1 hour 30 minutes of cross training

Week of February 9th

Last week was a short training week. I only had four days of workouts. I had one morning of early spin before class. On Saturday I took my bike out for an afternoon ride. And Sunday 10 miles!!!! Finally. First double digit run in almost four months.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Bike

Thursday: Run + Strength
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bike + Strength

I decided to ride my bike outdoors rather than on my trainer.

Sunday: Long run- 10 miles

This week was:
5.52 hours of training
20.47 miles of running
2 hours 30 minutes of cross training

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