Week Recap: January 26th - February 15th

February 16, 2015

A new coach means new training plans and methods. My coach has me working on zone 2 running for the next couple of weeks. I am training my body to run at a certain pace (8:30s) while keeping my heart rate low. I am behind on training weeks so here is three weeks worth of training. 

Week of January 26th

I ordered new shoes and have been loving them! 

Monday: Bike
Tuesday: VO2 testing + Strength

I met with my coach to test my VO2 on a treadmill. FYI: I hate treadmills. In high school I tripped on my shoe laces and flew off of one. I had a heart rate monitor strapped around my chest and a mask covering my nose and mouth. It wasn't too comfortable but I focused on running normally. After twelve minutes of running, we got the results back to use for training.

Wednesday: Track workout

Each Wednesday evening, I meet with my coach (and other athletes she coaches) at the track for a workout. I am enjoying having a coach that I can meet and run with! My usual post-track drinks:

Thursday: Run
Friday: Run
Saturday: Run + Strength
Sunday: Long(ish) run- 8 miles

I finished the week with an 8 mile run.

This week was:
4.43 hours of training
23.85 miles of running
1 hour 20 minutes of cross training

Week of February 2nd

Last week I started ready to tackle six runs but towards the end of the week I came down with a cold and I was exhausted. I skipped a few workouts and rested instead.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Run + Strength
Wednesday: Track workout

I normally run zone 2 but because my heart rate comes down so fast during recovery, coach let me work on some speed work during the track workout. 

Thursday: Run + Strength

I went to class for five hours, ate lunch, did my two workouts, met up with a friend for an afternoon snack, and went to Bible study.

Friday: Run sick

I had a four hour CPR training class on Friday for a nursing course I am taking. I was exhausted from staying up way late the previous night. I napped the afternoon, went to see the High School Musical play with my family, then went back to sleep.

Saturday: Run + Strength

I felt better on Saturday so I continued my planned workouts. Plus, tested out some Cordskinz.

Sunday: Long(ish) run- 8 miles

I had 10 miles on the schedule and was looking forward to completing my first double digit run of the year. I wasn't feeling great but started for the run anyway. After four miles I realized it was a bad decision so I walked/ran my way home ending with about 5 miles.

The rest of the day was work, studying, and dinner.

This week was:
5 hours of training
27.54 miles of running
1 hour 30 minutes of cross training

Week of February 9th

Last week was a short training week. I only had four days of workouts. I had one morning of early spin before class. On Saturday I took my bike out for an afternoon ride. And Sunday 10 miles!!!! Finally. First double digit run in almost four months.

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Rest day
Wednesday: Bike

Thursday: Run + Strength
Friday: Run
Saturday: Bike + Strength

I decided to ride my bike outdoors rather than on my trainer.

Sunday: Long run- 10 miles

This week was:
5.52 hours of training
20.47 miles of running
2 hours 30 minutes of cross training

Cordskinz Winner

February 14, 2015

I was supposed to post this yesterday- oops! The winner from the Cordskinz giveaway is...

 Michele Cupp!!

Michele, please email me at slaralynn6[at]gmail[dot]com to receive your Cordskinz.
Thank you to those who commented! 

Cordskinz // Headphone Cover Review + Giveaway

February 9, 2015

I pretty much always take my music with me before I go for a run or ride my bike on the trainer. However, every time I get my headphones out of my drawer they are tangled. If I take my headphones with me on a trip, it is a fact they are tangled when I pull them out of my bag. I either have to spend a few extra minutes untangling them or have knotted headphones. A few days ago, Cordskinz asked me to test their product. A cover for headphones that keep them from getting tangled? Okay, I'll try it.

Cordskinz are a "skin" that you add to your headphones by a quick process. I received the Ice Blue Cordskinz but you can select any of their 11 colors from their website and customize your headphones with all different styles. They are shipped as two twenty inch covers with a Skinner tool. Cordskinz advertises that they are:
  • Anti-tangler
  • Cord protector
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Fashion accessory 
After testing Cordskinz out for a few days on my runs, and throwing them in my bag while I drive or during class, I found that they never tangled. The "skin" allows the headphones to be flexible while keeping them from becoming knotted. I especially liked that they are flexible because I like to wrap my headphones around my phone. The Cordskinz are lightweight which helps when I wear them during my workouts. 

How to put them on:

At first, I wasn't sure how to put them on but after a little bit of practice I found that it was easier to put on than I thought.

1. First, place one side of the headphone in the Skinner groove

2. Hold the headphone wire with your thumb and place the Cordskinz into the opening. The Cordskinz have a slit side that goes toward the headphone wire when you slide it through the cylinder opening.

3. The Cordskinz catches onto the wire and then you pull the headphones through to cover the wire.

4. Trim the Cordskinz to fit your earphones. If you look at picture 4, I used the Skinner tool to fit the Cordskinz on my headphones then I trimmed them to fit on either side of the volume buttons.

I really liked the Cordskinz product and think it is a great way to keep headphones untangled. Plus, they are inexpensive and sell for $9.99 a set! Want to win your own pair? Leave a comment below about how Cordskinz will help you live the untangled life and you could win these Lavender Cordskinz with the Skinner tool! The winner will be chosen and announced on Friday, February 13th. 

Thanks again to Cordskinz for allowing me to test and review your product!
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