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January 26, 2015

A few weeks ago I posted that I would write a questionnaire type blog post. First, thank you for submitting questions! Now, let's get to the questions. 

1) Are you going to do more triathlons? How did you decide on triathlons?
I first got into triathlons because of my older sister. She did multiple tris and my family and I would try to go to each one. My freshman year of college, I completed a duathlon with my friends and it was a blast! I did the swim and run portion. Afterwards I saw all the other triathletes getting on their bikes and I wanted that to be me. I couldn't because I didn't have a bike at the time. Then last year I bought one and decided to go for it. 

This year I want to focus on Boston qualifying. I probably won't do any tris this summer. Once I qualify (hopefully this fall), I want look at completing more triathlons during the spring and summer of next year. 

2) What is it like working with an online coach?
I definitely enjoy working with a coach in general. I find that I am more focused,  motivated, and less caught up in what workout I should do each day. I am already a highly motivated person but I like having someone guide me and work with me to help me reach my goals.

It is a little less personal since you never meet the coach (or you may but I didn't). I am independent and don't tend to ask a lot of questions. Once a coach gives me a workout, I do it. An online coach worked for me since I could send a quick email if I had a question or problem. 

3) What did you find most difficult about marathon training?
For me, keeping up with eating a lot! Not just three meals but eating more than usual to keep training strong. I learned that my first marathon cycle then I ate better and trained smarter my previous marathon cycle.

4) Do you plan on continuing training when you're eventually in nursing school?
Right now I am planning on it. I have heard that nursing school is demanding so I will probably not race. 

5) Any half or full Ironmans in the near future ;-)?

Probably in the next four years ;) Nursing school lasts two years so after I finish and graduate, I want to start training for an Ironman. 

6) Would you be interested in trying out our product?
Yes, always! Those emails are always exciting and that's exactly what I received last week (post on that in two weeks).

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