Week Recap: January 19th- January 25th

January 27, 2015

I did a lot more cross training last week focusing on stretching and lifting weights. I have decided on a coach (!!) but have not started workouts yet. I have a couple of goals for the next few weeks as I work with my new coach:
  • Gain endurance and strength
  • Run in zone 2 
Zone 2 is running in aerobic threshold. That is, building endurance and burning fat. This is a great article that goes into detail with each zone. I have been following my own schedule for the past two months but I have not reached over 8 miles for a long run. Buuut, that's my fault since I have been running at a faster pace and not building endurance. I'm learning!

Monday, 1/19: Run

Tuesday, 1/20: Bike + Strength

Wednesday, 1/21: Yoga + Run

I did an hour of yoga in the morning then in the evening ran 5 miles with the group. You can read about it --here-- I picked a pair of socks for my prize and the picture is below. Of all the things to choose, I'm glad I chose them. A runner can never have too many socks!

Thursday, 1/22: Strength

Friday, 1/23: Run

My sister had a track workout to complete so we ran up to the track that's about a mile from our house. She followed an hour workout, I ran for 25 minutes. 

Saturday, 1/24: Rest day

Sunday, 1/25: Run

I set out for ten miles but cut it short to six miles. My shoes were aching my feet so right when I got home I ordered a pair that will get here tomorrow. 

Afterwards, my sister and I went to get smoothies and enjoyed the sun and warm weather.

This week was:
16 miles running
2 1/2 hours cross training

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