Week Recap: January 19th- January 25th

January 27, 2015

I did a lot more cross training last week focusing on stretching and lifting weights. I have decided on a coach (!!) but have not started workouts yet. I have a couple of goals for the next few weeks as I work with my new coach:
  • Gain endurance and strength
  • Run in zone 2 
Zone 2 is running in aerobic threshold. That is, building endurance and burning fat. This is a great article that goes into detail with each zone. I have been following my own schedule for the past two months but I have not reached over 8 miles for a long run. Buuut, that's my fault since I have been running at a faster pace and not building endurance. I'm learning!

Monday, 1/19: Run

Tuesday, 1/20: Bike + Strength

Wednesday, 1/21: Yoga + Run

I did an hour of yoga in the morning then in the evening ran 5 miles with the group. You can read about it --here-- I picked a pair of socks for my prize and the picture is below. Of all the things to choose, I'm glad I chose them. A runner can never have too many socks!

Thursday, 1/22: Strength

Friday, 1/23: Run

My sister had a track workout to complete so we ran up to the track that's about a mile from our house. She followed an hour workout, I ran for 25 minutes. 

Saturday, 1/24: Rest day

Sunday, 1/25: Run

I set out for ten miles but cut it short to six miles. My shoes were aching my feet so right when I got home I ordered a pair that will get here tomorrow. 

Afterwards, my sister and I went to get smoothies and enjoyed the sun and warm weather.

This week was:
16 miles running
2 1/2 hours cross training

You Ask, I Answer

January 26, 2015

A few weeks ago I posted that I would write a questionnaire type blog post. First, thank you for submitting questions! Now, let's get to the questions. 

1) Are you going to do more triathlons? How did you decide on triathlons?
I first got into triathlons because of my older sister. She did multiple tris and my family and I would try to go to each one. My freshman year of college, I completed a duathlon with my friends and it was a blast! I did the swim and run portion. Afterwards I saw all the other triathletes getting on their bikes and I wanted that to be me. I couldn't because I didn't have a bike at the time. Then last year I bought one and decided to go for it. 

This year I want to focus on Boston qualifying. I probably won't do any tris this summer. Once I qualify (hopefully this fall), I want look at completing more triathlons during the spring and summer of next year. 

2) What is it like working with an online coach?
I definitely enjoy working with a coach in general. I find that I am more focused,  motivated, and less caught up in what workout I should do each day. I am already a highly motivated person but I like having someone guide me and work with me to help me reach my goals.

It is a little less personal since you never meet the coach (or you may but I didn't). I am independent and don't tend to ask a lot of questions. Once a coach gives me a workout, I do it. An online coach worked for me since I could send a quick email if I had a question or problem. 

3) What did you find most difficult about marathon training?
For me, keeping up with eating a lot! Not just three meals but eating more than usual to keep training strong. I learned that my first marathon cycle then I ate better and trained smarter my previous marathon cycle.

4) Do you plan on continuing training when you're eventually in nursing school?
Right now I am planning on it. I have heard that nursing school is demanding so I will probably not race. 

5) Any half or full Ironmans in the near future ;-)?

Probably in the next four years ;) Nursing school lasts two years so after I finish and graduate, I want to start training for an Ironman. 

6) Would you be interested in trying out our product?
Yes, always! Those emails are always exciting and that's exactly what I received last week (post on that in two weeks).

Social Running

January 23, 2015

On Wednesday evening, I Run opened their new location. I Run is a sporting goods store that has all kinds of running gear: shoes, watches, clothing, and running accessories. My high school track and cross country coach is an employee and invited me to their opening/social run. As a mostly solo runner, I was excited to join a group!

After an hour of sitting in traffic, I finally made it to the store. They allowed runner's to test out some new Saucony's but because I was running a bit late I didn't have time to try some on. The leader's mapped out a three mile and a five mile route. I went for the five with about eight other people.

It was a rainy run. The five mile route included a hill with a 12% grade. I ran a hilly marathon so I thought it would be a piece of cake. That hill was intense! I'm glad it was dark outside so I didn't know how far up the hill went because it felt like forever.

After the run, everyone met back up at the store for dinner, prizes, and to check out the new place. The prizes included an Itunes gift card, shoelaces, keychains, socks, and shopping bags. I got a new pair of Saucony socks :)

Most of my friends are not runners so I am glad I went. I really enjoyed the social run, getting to know new people, and I am looking forward to joining them again!

All photos courtesy of I Run on Facebook!

How to: Wear your Lululemon Vest

January 22, 2015

I got my vest back in early December (my mom actually bought it for me!) and I have worn it so many ways since getting it. At the time, I was looking at a vest from a different company but it was only for warmth and too thick for running in. My mom happened to find this one at Lululemon and asked if I wanted to try it out. It is called the Fluffed Up Vest and I think there is only one color left (blue). It has some great features that I will share below.

Today I am sharing three ways to wear your Lululemon vest: dressed up, on the go, and on the run. Just for fun!

Dressed up...

Vests can be worn multiple ways. With this being black, I wear it with prints and solids. I showed this outfit in a post before but I am sharing more details on it. I love that the vest is versatile. I can dress it up or down. I got the outfit inspiration from @cmcoving on Instagram (my favorite fashion blogger). You could wear it with a striped dress as seen in the first image or with jeans and a long sleeve top underneath.

On the go...

"On the go" is similar to a running outfit but the difference is the pants. These are the Straight Up Pants that I found on sale. This is a look I wear to work. I am a nanny and I try to play mostly outdoors with the kids. When it is cold I bundle up with extra layers. I don't like wearing just leggings so I love that these are fitted but they not too tight.

The vest has two zippers that can be seen in the picture below. One is a looser look that has a reflexive lining and the other is zipped up tighter.

On the run...

This vest was made for running. With the reflective linings, two outside pockets, two inner pockets, and insulation, it is perfect for cold weather runs!

Week Recap: January 5th- January 20th

January 21, 2015

I have been doing much more running lately. Back in December, I was worried how long it would take me to get back to a regular training plan (I have an upcoming post about that) and now I finally am! My longest run is still at 8 miles but I am planning on getting a 10 miler in this weekend. 

Training for the Alamo 13.1 is in full swing. I was super proud last week where I got up to a normal training week (around 20-25 miles). I ran about 5 miles every other day. For a couple of those runs I practiced hill sprints and speed work. I am currently coach shopping...

Coach Shopping (verb): the act of searching for a coach.

Last year I used Coach Jenny (who I really liked!) but this year I want to try something different. Rather than an online coach, I have been researching and talking to different running coaches who live in my city. I have not chosen one yet but they all sound great and I am super excited!

I have had a few school meetings and work these past couple of weeks. One of those days I stopped at Starbucks for my favorite snack- a strawberry smoothie. It is so good and refreshing. 

ILY Couture shrug // Anthropologie Top // American Eagle Jeans // Nordstrom Watch

You can't see the watch face in the above picture but if you click on the link it will take you to the website. I bought that watch at Nordstrom back in December and I have gotten so many compliments on it! It looks like a really nice watch but it was only $20. I love it!

Last Thursday evening was Bible study at my church that I have been to before. I made some new friends there and on Saturday night we went to dinner and mini golf. It was a fun evening!

Week of Jan. 5th weekly totals:
11 miles running
1 hour, 50 mins cross training

Week of Jan. 12th weekly totals:
23 miles running
1 hour cross training

Tips To Get Started After Taking A Break From Training

January 9, 2015

One of the most important things in the athlete's world is training. Training to get better at a sport, training to get faster, training to qualify for a certain race. But sometimes life happens, an injury, or maybe a sickness, and you are forced to stop what you are doing.

Back in October, I ran a marathon. I think the adrenaline from all the training, working up to this race and running the race caused my body to become weak. My immune system was lowered and I became sick week after week. When I began to feel better, I would try to start working out again just to become sick again. I searched article after article trying to figure out what I should do. When I didn't find anything to help me, I decided to write my own post on my personal experiences to guide others who may experience this.

A few of the articles I read stated that the body needs rest after a big race or event. Of course, most people already know that. I took the amount of time off that my specific training plan suggested but what the training plan doesn't tell you is how your own body will react. One thing to know is that you should take off the amount of days that equals the distance of your race.

For example: 13.1 mile race = 13 days of rest
                      26.2 miles= 26 days of rest

Rest doesn't mean sitting on the couch for 26 days and hoping to start back with running right after that. Usually you take two weeks off of running but you stretch, ice, foam roll, etc. Then, after two weeks, starting back with easy workouts. Always listen to your body. If you still feel tired and/or unmotivated then take more time off.

Once you take time off, you will slowly be able to work your way back to "racing shape." That is, your body will start to remember what it is like to be in a routine. Your first few workouts back probably will not feel the greatest. It's important to start easy with workouts once you feel strong enough. Easy workouts are swimming, strength training, and yoga.

I found that when I started thinking about spring races, I was trying to force myself to come back into training really fast. I used spring races as motivation but only when I was into a training routine for about six to seven weeks. 

It is frustrating to not be able to bounce back right after a race but your body needs rest and you need to give yourself a break before you start. Keep moving forward and never give up!

Race List for 2015

January 6, 2015

My biggest goal this year: qualify for Boston. With being only 90 seconds away from the qualifying time and with a few tips from my previous coach, I am following my training and race schedule from last year pretty closely. I have found a few races for the spring that I am looking at. Since I am also applying to nursing schools these next few months, everything is a bit crazy and I decided that I will register for the races as they come. 

1. Alamo Run Fest: February 22nd, 2015


I found out about this race through a friend who ran it in the past and enjoyed it. I haven't raced it before but it would be fun to race.

2. Alamo 13.1: March 22nd, 2015


I have raced this for the past three years and it has become a yearly tradition. I am pretty sure I will race this!

 3. I Ran Marathons 10k/Half Marathon: April or May 2015

This one I have not planned yet, but I want to race both these distances before I start training for a
fall marathon to work on speed/pacing.

And that is all I have for now! I will update more when the races get closer.

Week Recap: December 29th- January 4th

January 4, 2015

Happy New Year! 

I have some new changes for the blog for 2015. 
First, I want to have a better blog so if there is anything you want me to write about, please tell me! Second, I am working on a "you ask I answer" type post and this can be any type of question on training, taking a break from training, racing, eating, how to's, etc. 
You can leave a comment below or email them to me at slaralynn6@gmail.com Thank you!

This week was all about trying to stay consistent with workouts. I am back on my usual schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday running. Tuesday and Thursday cross training and strength training combined.

out to dinner

 one last sister selfie 

Monday, 12/29: Run

Tuesday, 12/30: Cycle + Strength 

For Tuesday's workout, I followed Erin's cycling workout and Page's strength workout- p.s. thanks for the workouts!! The strength was working on mostly legs and it left me sore.

Cycling- 60 minutes
30 mins warm up
2 sets of: 2:00 hard, 1:00 easy, 2:00 hard, 1:00 easy, 3:00 recovery
10 mins cool down

Leg Strength- 30 minutes
2 sets: 20 squats, 15 mountain climbers, 10 crunches
2 sets: 20 squats, 15 mountain climbers (ending in frog position), 10 crunches
3 times: 10 squats with weight bar or weights, 8 dead lifts with weight bar or weights
5 sets: 10 lunges with stretching in between
3 times: 10 step ups, 10 push ups

Wednesday, 12/31:

I moved my long run to the middle of the week with how my body was feeling. I don't always feel good on my runs so I set out to run around 6 or 7 miles and planned to walk whenever I got tired. However, I felt strong and ended up running 8 miles. My family and I celebrated New Years Eve by seeing The Lion King at the theater. It was an amazing play!

Thursday, 1/1: Strength

Since Tuesday was all legs, I worked on abs and arm strength.

Friday, 1/2: Rest day

Saturday, 1/3: Cycle

I decided to take off running and do an easy cycle for 30 minutes since I was tired and sore.

Sunday, 1/4:

I'm taking another rest day to start fresh next week with a new training plan. Since I was able to run 8 miles, I am officially training for a half marathon on February 22nd! I am loosely following --> this plan since I don't run everyday.

This week was: 
12 miles of running
1 hour 50 mins cross training

Goodbye and Hello: 2015 Goals

January 1, 2015

A new year means new resolutions, changes, and in the running world- new race goals. In the beginning of 2014 I made a list of what I wanted to complete throughout the year. However, I didn't realize all that would change within one month. Working with a coach means structured plans and not just running all the races. While I have yet to complete a double half marathon, I completed over half of the list!

2014 goals:
  • Run another 26.2  [check! Read the recap here.] 
  • Run a double half marathon [nooooope]
  • Complete a triathlon  [check! Tri #1 and Tri #2]
  • Run at least five half marathons [well... I completed 2. That's like almost half complete]
  • Run another race besides a half marathon or full marathon [check! I ran my first 10k in this post
2015 goals:
  • Qualify for Boston 
  • Run at least three half marathons
  • Compete in more triathlons
  • Run a 10 mile, 20 mile, or a 5k race
  • Get stronger- lift more weights, be faster
What are your 2015 goals?
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