2015 Goals in Review + 2016 Goals

December 31, 2015

Wow. 2015 was crazy (and super fast??) but I am so happy with where I am at now! Last year I was told I probably wouldn't make it into nursing school because of how competitive each application cycle is. I decided not to listen to people and completely trust God and I was accepted into my first choice school. I was also told after I qualified for Boston that the race I ran wouldn't get me in. But again kept praying about it and I was accepted to run. I stepped back from blogging a bit this past year as I focused on everything else that was going on and now it's the end of the year. I wanted to look back on what I wanted to accomplish this year vs what I actually accomplished AND name a few of my 2016 goals.

Goals for 2015:
  • Run at least three half marathons- 2/3 complete. 
I ran one half marathon in March which was my favorite race of the year. I have participated in the Alamo 13.1 for the past three years and I love it. It is such a fun race.

I ran another in June as a practice on the course of the marathon that I ran in August. 

  • Compete in more triathlons- ehhh didn't happen and not happening for awhile. I love triathlons and I hope to compete again soon but I have been focusing a lot on running lately. I was, however, able to swim again (which is always fun!) in the beginning of the year. Thanks to neighborhood pools + free week access to different gyms.
  • Run a 10 mile, 20 mile, or a 5k race- not sure if it counts but I did run a "fun run" 5k not for time.
  •  Get stronger- lift more weights, be faster- complete
My goals for 2016 would be:

1. Run a half marathon (thinking of changing February's 26.2 to 13.1)
2. Run the Boston Marathon in April
3. Find balance with work, school, and life!! 

Currently: October & November

November 10, 2015

Currently living on cloud nine, no joke. I received my letter of entry confirmation last week! My parents are going with me to Boston and my dad said he booked our flight and hotel for the weekend. It's too real!

Also eating everything in sight... marathon training perks.

In October, my sister, a friend, and I were on fall break from school. We went up to Austin for a day. We learned how to stand up paddle board, went hiking, and toured the city. It was a fun day trip! 

For weekend long runs, I have completed a few 8 milers, two 10 milers, and an 11 miler. This weekend is 13. I've been feeling really good/strong during my runs. Hopefully it stays that way ;)

Lululemon Must Haves: fall training

November 3, 2015

A new training cycle is an excuse to buy all the Lulu! Can you tell which pattern I am loving the most? The power y tank is the perfect race tank since it's lightweight and has a built in sports bra. I have wanted hot pink speed shorts for awhile but they haven't sold the color in forever. Finally this pair (see pic) is for sale and I quickly purchased them.

Marathon(s) Training Plan

October 30, 2015

Normally, I run one marathon a year. Marathons are tough and it takes me a few weeks to recover. I did not think I would run two marathons in one year.. let alone two marathons within 9 weeks of each other. I have 16 weeks before Austin and 25 weeks before Boston. My goal for the Austin Marathon is to have fun and enjoy a larger race (most of the ones I do are small). My goal for the Boston Marathon is to go after a PR which is below 3:29. I really want to get that 3:20 marathon. 

I won't be working with a coach this cycle due to strenuous school and working less. I will modify my training plan based on how much time I have to train that day and how I feel. Usually I try and do every single workout that is planned but I am not going to be that hard on myself this time. If I have two rest days in a row, so what?

  • Speed: The above training plan doesn't focus on speed as much as it does building endurance. I'll be running one speed workout a week and this is usually on Saturdays. 
  • Easy runs: taking the easy runs easy.
  • Sunday long runs: Sundays are long runs on the training plan but I will occasionally have to move it around as my schedule isn't always the same (I occasionally work 12 hour shifts on weekends). 
  • Cross training: Every Monday I’m going to do strength training. I also fit a shorter strength training workout in on Wednesdays or Thursdays. 
I am not even planning what I am going to do during those 9 weeks between marathons until I get there. I will also be updating the blog more since finally training again! I am thinking of starting weekly training posts back up to write everything I do during the week.

What would you like to see on the blog?
Weekly training posts- yay or nay?

Marathon training round 4... and 5

October 29, 2015

"The only thing you can control is whether or not you stop"

I submitted my application to the Boston Athletic Association 6 weeks ago. Without any word back (and seeing every runner post on Instagram their acceptance email), I gave up hope that I would be accepted. Even if you qualify for Boston, that doesn't guarantee you will be accepted/get in. 

I registered to run the Austin Marathon on February 14th, 2016. I have never run this race before and I figured if Boston said no I would need another 26.2 to keep my mind off of not being in Boston. For this training cycle, I found an 18 week training plan from Hal Higdon. I have never followed his training plans before but I like the schedule! There are more running days (5 out of 7 days running) while still having occasional cross training days. One thing I'm changing this cycle- more strength training! 

But then, Boston emailed and said they accepted my entry. After training and working hard to qualify for Boston for the past two years, it is so exciting to see that hard work pay off. From feeling the disappointment of being 90 seconds away from qualifying to now getting an email that I am accepted and will run the race in April ... the feeling is indescribable. I was literally shaking when I got the email! I AM GOING TO BOSTON!!

I am running a marathon on February 14th then another marathon on April 18th. Spring of 2016 can't come fast enough :)

Life Updates

September 29, 2015

September flew by which was actually perfect. The start of nursing school has been crazy but I love it! During the whole month of September we had only 4 days of nothing major due. The rest of the month was skills check offs, tests and quizzes. My days start at 5am and I study constantly throughout the day until 11pm. I am learning just how little of sleep I can get each night and still be ok ;)

I have fully recovered from my marathon that was... two months ago! I took off a few weeks only running 2-3 miles every other day. I still have not gone over six miles but I am working on adding more miles/getting back into running shape. I found a half marathon in January that I want to run.

I applied for the Boston Marathon two weeks ago and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully soon!

And other news:
I added highlights to my hair #love

I bought new running shoes and new school/strength training shoes. The running shoes are Mizuno Wave Riders like always in Cayenne color. 

I Ran Marathons 26.2 Race Recap + Boston Qualified

August 6, 2015

Last October I was 90 seconds away from the Boston qualifying time of a 3:35 marathon. It was a great race but I will admit I was disappointed that I was so close yet missed it. I hired a new coach at the beginning of this year and told her "I want you to train me to run a 3:20 marathon." So, for the past six months I trained hard to run that time. I had a sticky note that I kept on my bedside table with my goal of a 3:29 finish which is 7:56 minute per mile pace.

My family and I were up early on race morning at 5am. I had my hair braided, ate breakfast, and didn't talk the whole morning as I was trying to keep calm. I'm not the best with race day nerves.

The marathon course was eight times out and back. The turnaround was at 1.64 miles. There was a fuel station at the beginning of the trail and near the turnaround point. This ended up being perfect as it was 88 degrees at the start (at 6:30am. Pleasant, I know) and would be in the 90s the remainder of the race. We brought an ice chest filled with gatorade, two extra fuel belt bottles, and Infinit (new training drink). My oldest sister, Anna, was in charge of my fueling. She would take my empty bottles and refill them.

First loop-
My coach told me to start out the first five miles at a 7:45 pace. I focused on staying around 7:45-7:50 paces for each mile, seeing how I felt, getting used to the route, and drinking a sip of Infinit each mile.

Second loop-
Second loop I did the same as the first loop. My paces were right on track yet didn't feel too fast or too slow.

Third loop-
When I began the next loop, my older sister, Liz, ran with me. This gave me a boost of energy as I had someone to run with.

Fourth loop-
My family cheered each time I came in which was so encouraging! You can see them in the below picture with their hands high. It was so great!! I hit the halfway mark in 1:40.

Fifth loop-
My dad ran the fifth loop with me. By this time, it was 90 degrees. I started feeling sick and became worried. I knew if I got sick I would have a rough ending. As I was running alongside my dad I told him how I was feeling and he told me to calm down, not freak myself out, and that I was right on pace for a BQ. He told me if I needed to stop I could take about three minutes once we got back to the start to go to the bathroom, get water/Infinit, and I would still be on track.

Once I got back to the start I grabbed ice to stuff down my sports bra, quick bathroom stop, and poured water over my head.

Sixth loop-
Six loops in and I was getting bored. The course was beautiful and the people were so nice smiling, giving high fives and thumbs up, but I was tired of running the same loop (plus it was hot!!). The remainder of the race was basically spent trying to get to the next aid station. Every aid station I did the same thing- ice in shirt, water over head, and drinking as much as I could.

Seventh loop-
My dad told me "only six miles left!" Which I thought, okay I can do this, I go on six mile runs every day. My younger sister, Kathleen, paced me the last two loops. I grabbed more ice, more cups of water to drink and to pour over me. I also grabbed a Popsicle after seeing another runner holding one and it looked so good. Kathleen kept telling me "you can do this, you are right on target, don't let your mind slow you down."

Eighth loop-
Last loop. I can do this. I was hurting and so tired but I was right on track for my 3:29 finish. My sister kept motioning for me to catch up with her but she felt so far away. We hit the turnaround and Kathleen says "you literally have a mile and a half left then you're done. Come on." At the last aid station I poured more water over my head. I was drenched head to toe but it was way too hot outside.

She was running a 7:30 pace and I was at 7:45. I kept my eyes on her trying to get to her. 26.2 miles later I was finished.

Running a marathon at the hottest time of year isn't the best decision I have made but I had the perfect race- I got my goal time and QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON. I am beyond excited!! I am so grateful of my family for keeping me going. The weather was brutal and it helped a ton to have them run with me, hand me ice and drinks, and encourage me to keep going. Also a huge thank you to my coach for helping me get my goal time!!

3:29:59. I did it. I finally did it.

By the way, this ^^  is what finishing a marathon looks like: skittles, Popsicle, and medal in hand with my dad making sure I'm okay. Haha! 

IRM 26.2 Race Outfit

August 4, 2015

Lululemon Tank (old) | Nike Pro Spanx | Mizuno Wave Riders 

I didn't figure out my race outfit until the morning of. I knew it would be a 90 degree race day and figured less is more ;) I finally picked out an old Lululemon tank that is super lightweight and has a split down the back for more air and a pair of spanx for non chafe goals. 

I ran my "A" race on Sunday and got that BQ that I have been chasing for almost two years. 3:29. I'll have a recap up soon! 

Peak Week... failure

July 11, 2015

So behind on blogging, my bad! From working at the hospital, nannying, training, and getting ready for nursing school (already getting ahead on reading assignments), I have little time to put together a blog post these days. But thank you to those that still read! 

this is from this morning's 15 miler @ 8:17 pace 

Last week was peak week and it.. didn't end so well. I had 42 miles worth of running to do in four days. I started the week strong with an interval run and a trip to get a sports massage as I prepared for a good week. I took ice baths and stretched to get my legs ready for the longest run of the training cycle- 22 miles. However, about 13 miles into the run I started to feel sick. I looped back home, totally threw up (TMI, I know) and then debated what to do. I decided to eat a bit and take an hour break to see how I felt. I set out with my sister but after 16.5 miles my legs were done and I stopped. That was the longest I would run before the marathon. I was really upset that I didn't finish the run. Sometimes running sucks. 

I'm only joking about the post title. It wasn't a total failure. I got in 32 miles of running, 2 hours of cross training, and 3 speed run days. The week was really fun! I took a whole week off work to have a short break. I went flying with my dad, to track workout, went to see Jurassic World with my family, had my sister home for the weekend, saw fireworks for 4th of July, went shopping, and had a friend bike beside me for 13 of the miles!

@ the track. we sent this to our coach to prove we all still went when she was unable to join 

first time flying with my dad!! It was soo much fun!

I also signed up for a week free trial at the gym so I could swim laps on two of the days. I haven't swam since October. My sister and I also went to a Cardio Dance class and we had a blast. Thinking of getting a membership just for the dance class..

from fourth of july 

This past week was filled with catching up with friends, finally confirming my registration for the marathon in August, and ended with a 15 mile run. I was hitting some 7:30s on the run that was supposed to be at 8:15 pace but come on, how can I not enjoy a good run?! 

There are good training days and horrible training days (you know the ones that make you doubt all of your training) but I am keeping my head up and thinking positive towards the race! 

Race Recap: I Ran Marathons 13.1

July 2, 2015

This past weekend I ran a half marathon. I used this race as practice since the course is the same for the marathon I will be running in four weeks. It was good practice so now I know what it will feel like, when to speed up, etc. I trained right through this race (no tapering or easy workouts afterwards).

Lululemon Swiftly Tank // Nike Pro Spanx (ended up wearing speed shorts) // Mizunos

While my goal was to be faster than the half I ran in march (which I beat by only a few seconds), my coach wanted me to run an even pace and not worry so much about beating records. She wants me to focus on the full marathon. Of course!

The course is out ~ 3.4 miles out and back repeated twice for 13.1 total. I used the first loop as warm up. I finished 7 miles in 52 minutes.

My whole family got up early (like 4:45am early) to watch me. Their support is the best! So after I ran the first loop they were waiting with gatorade to hand to me. My mom ran a bit with me until I handed the bottle back, encouraged me to keep it up, and I was off for another loop.

The aid stations were a little more spread out than I expected. The station was at mile 1.68 so that when I came back I didn't have anything to drink until mile 4. I usually try to drink gatorade every mile or two. It was a pretty humid morning and I should have been drinking more (always my mistake). I definitely will being my FuelBelt along for the marathon to keep up fluids!

My last few miles were slower than I wanted. I was hitting 7:40 paces but wanted 7:20s. However, my last mile was a 7:09!

I ended in 1:37. It was fun to race again and I am looking forward to running the marathon in just a few weeks!

Monthly recap// May and June

June 29, 2015

May and June were busy months as I got used to a new schedule and figured out how to train around work. In May I celebrated my birthday at the beach, watched my sister get first place at her cross fit competition, celebrated a friends bachelorette party and wedding, had my sister at home for two weeks, and more! It was a fun month!

 celebrating my birthday at the beach

one of my birthday gifts- Lululemon duffle and running socks!

 At the wedding, I caught the bouquet! My sister and I ^^

In June I have received WOW cards at work, signed up for nursing school courses, registered for a half marathon, ran two 20 milers, and spent a day at SeaWorld. 

At the hospital there are WOW cards that we receive if someone notices we have done a good job. There are different prizes for different numbers. Such as two gets you two tickets to a movie, you get a free car wash at five, and at twelve you get a free massage. I have three so far and am saving up for that massage! 

sister day at SeaWorld

new Lululemon to train in!

Swiftly Tech Racerback- favorite running tank
Tracker Short II- super comfy for running and errands 

I had gift cards to Lululemon from my birthday and I found some new tanks and a pair of shorts. These are my new favorite shorts because they are longer than the speed shorts and fit looser around the quads. Plus, they are super cute on!

Training update: long runs

June 19, 2015

My long runs have been going great so far. I am running at a faster pace for the longer runs than even last season. The schedule of runs these past few weeks have looked like this:

10 miles @ 8:56 pace
15 miles @ 8:45 pace
20 miles @ 8:46 pace
10 miles @ 9:00 pace
18 miles @ 8:59 pace
20 miles @ 8:38 pace

I also have intervals during the runs at marathon goal pace. I have a half marathon next weekend which I am hoping to PR at especially since I have trained well over a half marathon plan. I am six weeks out from my marathon (which I didn't realize until I looked at the calendar today!!) and can't wait to keep training to see how I do!


May 8, 2015

Next week starts week one of marathon training.

I originally planned to run the Chosen Marathon again in November. I would continue base training throughout the summer and start to train in August for a November marathon. However, I just started a new job where I work 12 hour shifts and I start nursing school at the end of August. I felt that it would be too tough to add in intense marathon training August- November with work and school. I talked with my coach and we have decided to begin marathon training now.

I have a half marathon at the end of June to see where my time is at (hopefully PR) and the marathon is on August 2nd.

My goal is a 3:20 marathon but I will take anything under 3:35 in order to qualify for Boston.

Marathon training round three. I am ready to run far!!

Feeling 22..

May 5, 2015

Last weekend I turned 22. Each year I do the same thing- dinner and celebrate with family but this year I wanted to do something different for my birthday.

My friends and I planned a day at the beach. We met at 9am and drove down to the coast. We brought snacks and got ready for a relaxing day. The coast is about 3 hours away. The bad thing was that it was really windy which brought in a ton of jellyfish so we couldn't even get in the water. Ha! But we had fun tanning and listening to music.

It was a pretty chill day but it was the perfect getaway for a birthday.

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