Week Recap: December 14th- 20th

December 20, 2014

I took a break for a few weeks from weekly recaps since there wasn't much to recap. Now, I am back. And with a new blog design. Did you notice? This past week my sister and brother-in-law both had a birthday (HBD!!), it was finals week and I had a nursing exam which I am finished with and got all the scores I needed! It feels good to work hard and now be finished for Christmas break. 

My workouts for the past week were a bit scattered. Because finals, I studied most of the day and got in a workout when I could/felt like it.

Sunday: Rest day
Monday: 5.50 mi run
Tuesday: 30 min bike
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: 30 min run
Friday: 30 min weights
Saturday: 6 mi run

I went on my longest run since October and my goal of where I wanted to be at before I signed up for any Spring races, 6 miles!! I felt great and I am happy to be back!

What I have been eating: Christmas cookies and Bundt cakes. 

My mom gave her volunteers at church those treats. My sister volunteers regularly and I volunteer occasionally and we got to share those treats. 

What I have been doing:  some Christmas shopping, a Christmas party, a new haircut, and a concert. 

On Tuesday, my sister, Liz, did our hair for going shopping (see below image). I have no idea how she does it so well! I just need her to move back so she can curl our hair more often. Or learn how to do it myself, there's that too ;) Tuesday night my small group got together for a Christmas party. 

During our Christmas shopping trip, we grabbed a few gifts from Lululemon and I saw these cards at the front of the store. The employees said they were free so I grabbed a couple. The cards are blank on the inside so you can write whatever you want but they have a design on the outside. How cute is that?

Tonight my family and I are going to the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert which we are all looking forward to. Finals were a bit stressful but it was a fun week filled with lots of Christmas-y things.

This week was:
15 miles running
1 hour cross training

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