Lights of Tejas

December 15, 2014

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Last weekend, my family and I went to Camp Tejas, a Christian retreat center. We went to the Lights of Tejas. We have been wanting to do Christmas activities and found out about this from my sister who works there. This is where the camp sets up over a million Christmas lights all surrounding the camp. There are different activities to do including: hay rides, a light show, decorating a cupcake to celebrate the birth of Jesus, zip line and climbing wall, games, and more.

We stayed the night in a log cabin that was so cute! Most people went only for the night but we wanted to stay to be with Liz, our sister, a little longer.

When we first got there we went to the zip line. I am not much of a camp girl and I have only been to a few camps when I was younger. Of course, I was too nervous to do the zip line as a child so I have never done it before. My dad said he would do it with me. It made me nervous to be so high off the ground but once they counted down I immediately jumped and my dad did too. It was very fun! I also did the climbing wall with my younger sister which is seen on the left side of the zip line tower in the picture below. We climbed all the way to the top!

We grabbed dinner at a food truck that had burgers and chips. After dinner we walked over to the cupcake decorating activity. Then, we rode the hay ride that took us around the camp to look at all the lights.

We walked over the lake to the light show which was a video synced up with lights. It was a sweet video that had songs, a story about who Jesus is, and a woman's testimony about how she was saved. 

There was one activity called the Snowball showdown which I didn't get pictures of because it was crazy! Basically it was a game of capture the flag. Everyone got an air gun with three foam balls. We went into a basketball court sized arena that had hay bales and trash cans set up like hideouts. My family was a team competing against five boys. There were four rounds and after my family won the first round it quickly got competitive. We won twice and the other team won twice but we like to say that we won. 

The next morning we had breakfast together, got a tour of the camp and where Liz works, then we headed back home. It was a fun weekend activity and we definitely want to go back!

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