Life Lately: December

December 11, 2014

Life lately has been busy! I finished my last week of classes this week but that means I have three finals, a video project, and a nursing exam all next week. I have taken the nursing exam before but the program I am applying to has a high standard for acceptance so based on my scores last time I am taking it again to raise them.

I have been doing some online shopping and I wanted to share some of the outfits. I follow "cmcoving" on Instagram and her blog. Her style is similar to mine. I copied two outfits.. for the dress outfit I only had a floral thick scarf but I like it more with a plaid scarf that I put on my Christmas list (hint hint family). I also am showing my hair because it was the perfect braid.

Darlene, one of my friends who I have written about before, ran her first half marathon this past weekend! She asked if I would go to the expo with her which I immediately said yes. If I couldn't run the race, at least I could have fun at the expo ;) 

It was crazy getting downtown. I thought the expo was at the location it has been every other year but the race directors changed it this year. After thirty minutes of running around downtown by myself, I finally found the location. In my opinion, it was much nicer this year! We had a blast. There were four silly photo booths that we did and I took a couple of flyers for upcoming races. 

After church on Saturday night's, my family and I have been trying to find good restaurants. My sister and I got food poisoning from one restaurant a few weeks ago and I said I am never going back so we need new places. We went to Mellow Mushroom the past two weekends and they have delicious pizza. So far, so good, no food poisoning yet.

My family and I have a tradition of always buying a real tree. We went to a Christmas tree farm this year to pick out the perfect tree.

JK it was home depot.

awkward peeking behind the tree pose

I have been doing some cooking/baking. I made these cookies and will share the recipe next week!

I also have been getting back into running.. finally!! I feel that I took off a good amount of time because now I am ready to start training hard and racing again. I will share more on that later. 


  1. That turtleneck sweater is so cute! And I looove those Hershey kiss cookies. So good!

    1. Thank you! It's from Forever 21 and less than $30!! They are very yummy :)


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