Gift Guide: for the triathlete

December 3, 2014

If you missed the first post, check this link for the runner's gift guide. Any of the items on the runners guide can also be ideas for triathletes. I have a couple clothing items in here but mostly there is a lot of gear that goes with triathloning so I put more gear here. Whether you ask for it yourself or gift it to someone else, these are perfect for the triathlete!

1. Lap Counter
I saw this lap counter for less than $40 on Amazon! It is a great way to keep track of how far you have swam. You can also get fancy ones that have more data than just lap counting.
2. Medal Hanger
3. Cycling Water Bottle
4. Racing Kit
5. Windbreaker Jacket 
6. Mat Towel
I use my mat towel for everything- sitting on it in the car after a swim, placed under my bike when I bring it in the house for riding indoors, on a yoga mat. There are so many uses to this towel!
7. Cycling Shoes
8. Swim Accessories
Kickboard, swim fins, a pull buoy are all good ideas. These help with swimming form and for gaining strength in the pool.

Other gift ideas:

This is a cycling fuel holder that is definitely on my Christmas list! During my tri's this past summer I would throw my fuel in my shorts pockets. It sits at the front of the bike. You can already have the fuel in the bag, have the fuel right in front of you to grab, and it is roomy enough for fuel, bars, and a cell phone. Also, it's only $20!

These are the bags that I was talking about in the runner gift guide. The largest one is used for shoes, the medium sized one is for sweaty clothes, and the smallest is for keys, wallet, ipod. These are a great idea! I always use trash bags to hold my sweaty stuff but these are much cuter.

Happy shopping! 

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