The Best and Worst of Racing

November 6, 2014

I am linking up with Jessie's blog who I found from Erin. Jessie is hosting a link up with the best and worst categories of racing.

Best (or Worst) of My Racing History

Best Finisher's Shirt
The best finisher's shirt is the one I got from a 5k that was cancelled. It was tech cloth, grey, not fitted, and super comfortable. Most of my finisher's shirts are fitted for girls and those aren't my favorite.

Worst Finisher's Shirt
I'm not sure if I have a worst finishers shirt but there is one I don't really wear. I got it at the Scallywompus 20 mile race I did last fall and it's brown. It's not horrible but brown is just a dark color for a t-shirt.

Best Finish Line
The best finish line was at the Windcrest Freshman triathlon this past summer. It was my first triathlon and they race directors cheered everyone across the finish line. When I came in they said, "Sara Hoffman just finished her first triathlon" It was very exciting! 

Best Overall Swag/ Gear
The Rock n Roll series wins at best swag. I haven't been to any race expo that has as much stuff as them. So much free food!

Best Crowd Support
This one goes with the next category. While it may have been the hottest race, the RNR marathon had the best crowd support. There were so many people along the streets cheering runners on.

Hottest Race
The Rock n' Roll 2013 marathon was the hottest temperatures I have raced in. It was 87 and humid. The whole time I was grabbing wet towels to wrap over my shoulders, pouring water all over myself, trying to stay cool. My shirt was soaking wet and scrunched up. It was gross.

Coldest Race
At the Alamo 13.1 in March, it was so cold and windy. I don't even remember how cold it was I just remember it was great racing temperatures (I got a PR) but afterwards I was shaking.

Most Beautiful Course
Pretty much every race I have done these past couple of years have been great courses. Most of them are run downtown along the river walk and it is very pretty. Some races are along paths on hiking trails.

Hilliest Course
I haven't done any crazy hilly courses but the new route for the Alamo 13.1 this past spring had quite a few hills. I train in a pretty hilly area so I didn't think too much of them except that it was a bit challenging while others thought they were awful.

Flattest Course
The flattest course was the 20 miler. It was along a path for ten miles out and ten miles back that was flat the whole way.

Most Disappointing Finish
This picture always reminds me of how disappointed I felt at the Cocoa Women's half marathon finish. I was in a group of women leading the race and some how we all missed directions and got lost. I was on track for a PR finish (which I still got on my Garmin) but because of getting lost I ran the distance then had my dad pick me up and drive me to the finish line. I was so upset.

Best Finish Line Food
This is a hard one since I don't really eat finish line food.. the Cocoa Women's half had chocolate covered fruit and chocolate chip pancakes so that probably wins.

Coolest Medal
I have two medals that I think are cool. The first is from a duathlon I completed in 2012. The medal is lined with bike gears. I didn't do the bike portion of the race (only swim + run) but they had a cool idea! The second is from the RNR half marathon I did in 2010 and it is sparkly. Nothing is better than sparkly.


  1. So fun! Thanks for linking up, Sara! I love the duathlon medal… what a neat idea! What your next race?!

    1. Thanks for the post idea!! My dad and I are looking into doing a bike race in December and my next running race is in February!


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