Week Recap: September 15th - October 5th

October 6, 2014

I'm super late on my week recaps! I have been working on different posts but with everything going on right now I haven't had a lot of time to finish them. So, I figured I would take a blogging break until after I finish my three big week's.

I celebrated one of my friend's birthdays, played in the orchestra during the weekends for church, have been going to small group and I love it, planned upcoming races (more on that later), and saw Maze Runner.. twice. I'll spare all the small details about the past three weeks and give an overview of what training was like. I also have been really bad at taking pictures. I don't always have my phone in hand which means I don't take pictures all the time.

I found this while cleaning out my room:

Like.. my dream of qualifying for Boston will come true?? ;)

(3 weeks ago. September 15-21)
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 70 min easy run
Wednesday: Cross train + Strength train
Thursday: Tempo run
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 30 min run cycle
Sunday: Long run- 20 miles

This week was a rough week: tired, sore, super busy with school. My coach and I discussed training and she told me I could move the 20 miler but I knew it was just tired (not an injury or anything serious) and didn't want to mess up my training. I was surprised the 20 miles didn't feel awful and I finished in a good time.

Also, random but you have to try these popsicles. They are so good.

Week stats:
6.26 hours of training
32.24 miles of running

(2 weeks ago. September 22- 28)
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 45 min easy run
Wednesday: Cross train + Strength train
Thursday: 45 min easy run
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 30 min easy run
Sunday: Long run- 10 miles

This was a better week, a lower volume week. All runs kept at easy pace except for the 10 miler that was a race sim workout with finishing at a faster pace than I started.

I kept my cross training easy also. I headed to the pool after class and took lots of breaks between sets.

Week stats:
3.58 hours of training
23.54 miles of running

(Last week. September 29- October 5)
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 60 min easy run
Wednesday: Cross train + Strength train
Thursday: Tempo run
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 30 min cycle
Sunday: Long run- 20 miles

This past week was another busy week with school and work but I stayed on top of my to-do lists. I fit everything in and am super happy that I got through another long week.

I was able to take my cycling outdoors on Saturday. It was nice weather and I didn't want to be stuck on my trainer.

Week stats:
6.32 hours of training
32.82 miles of running 

I have been hitting all of my goal times for the tempo runs and I have finished each long run feeling strong. I was nervous for two 20 mile long runs and thought they would be difficult and awful but neither felt bad. In fact, I actually had fun running them! My legs do better after I have a break from running so occasionally Coach and I added in a cycle before the long run.

I survived peak weeks and now on to the taper!

18 more days until 26.2!!!!

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