Week Recap: October 13th - October 19th

October 19, 2014

This was the last week of "training." I had my last speed work day on Thursday, a long-ish run on Sunday, and some cross training. Nothing too intense as I continue to taper down for the marathon this weekend. 

I have a list of small things to do this week as I get ready for race day which includes: buying an Itunes gift card for race music, putting together a good playlist, packet pick up on Thursday, getting my race outfit ready, and eating and resting a lot. I have the race map printed out and I think I am (almost. see above needed items) ready to go! 

My list of workouts for the week:

Monday: Rest day 
Tuesday: Run- 60 minutes
Wednesday: Cross training (cycling) + Strength training
Thursday: Run- 1/2 mile repeats @ 6:45 pace
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Cycle- 30 minutes
Sunday: Long run- 7 miles

Coach Jenny told me Thursday's speed workout was the best one yet. My paces were better and I kept the pace even throughout the entire interval. I had my last long run this morning of 7 miles which felt great. 

And some random things to share.. I didn't post this photo but it is from last weekend when we were in Houston. We ordered room service for each meal and it was delicious. My mom said "take this for the blog!" I was proud of her for knowing that most things need to go on the blog ;) For dinner the previous night my mom got steak, Kathleen got salmon, and I got macaroni with chicken and tomatoes. It sounds weird but it was really good. Yes, I have the appetite of a ten year old. I wanted a picture but we were so hungry that I didn't even think about it.

We celebrated our mom's birthday this weekend. After church on Saturday, we went to dinner and the movies. Today (Sunday), my sister Liz surprised our mom by coming into town this weekend. Liz works at a camp and we see her once a month. 

This week was:
4.52 hours of training 
20 miles of running

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