Training Guide: Part 2

October 23, 2014

I'm back with part 2 of the training guide. Today's training guide features items that I have found to be important for training for a marathon. 

Also, side note. I took these pictures outside and it was pretty windy. I used Clif blocks to anchor the foam roller from blowing away. Extra points if you can find them ;)

Training plan-
I worked with Coach Jenny this past marathon training cycle and this is a similar plan to what I ran. I like all of the training plans on her website. Runner's World has detailed training plans but you have to pay for them. Hal Higdon also has training plans. This is a good beginners plan from Hal Higdon.

Running attire-
Just like half marathon training, you need proper running attire. Proper running shoes and clothing are important as you want to be comfortable when running for longer, double digit distances. Having proper attire prevents chafing, injury, blisters, etc. Nothing has to be expensive but I do think investing in a good pair of running shoes is important.

Some examples of what I wear/like to run in:

Tops- Nike Shirt 

I take the fuelbelt with two 8oz bottles on my long runs. I fill both with gatorade.

A ten mile run is very different from a twenty mile run. You need more fuel for marathon training. Fuel that I like having for pre, during, and post training runs:
  • Clif Shot blocks
  • Everything in -- this -- blog post 
  • Recovery accelerator 
  • Salt tablets (I use these for race day only)

Watch + Heart rate monitor-
I would recommend having a heart rate monitor to run with for the longer distances as you can track what paces to run based off of heart rates and also see how long you should recover between hard workouts.

Recovery essentials-
See -- this -- blog post.

Good luck to all those training!

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