Training Guide: Part 1

October 22, 2014

Fall is a popular season of half marathons, full marathons, and races of all distances. For today and tomorrow, I have a two part training guide/tips for the half marathon and marathon distances. They are two posts that are similar as I made a list of things necessary for training. These are items that I have found to be important in my training and that I think are useful to others as well.

 Training plan- 
The most important thing is having a proper training plan for you and your level of fitness. If you have never run a half marathon, stick with a beginner program. If you want to PR your half marathon time, find a training program with speed work and longer weekend runs.

Hal Higdon has great training plans all the way from beginner to advanced. This training plan is a good beginners one and you can easily print it out and mark off when you complete each workout.

Jenny Hadfield (where I find all my training plans) also has great training plans. This is a great beginners guide that takes you up to 10 miles. You can find training plans on her website from beginners walking half marathon to advanced. There is even has a training plan for those who are busy and don't think they have enough time to train.

Running attire-

Proper running shoes and clothing are important as you want to be comfortable when running for longer distances. Having proper attire prevents chafing, injury, blisters, and additional problems. Nothing has to be expensive but I do think investing in a good pair of running shoes is important.

I know Gap has good workout clothes. I have never bought from there before but my sister has and she says it fits similar to LuluLemon. Under Armor, Nike, and Adidas are also good workout clothing stores.

Foam roller-
As you increase milage, you may want to consider a foam roller to help your legs recover faster and roll out knots in your legs. You could easily use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball as well.

For a watch, any watch that tracks milage will do. I love having a Garmin to show me every stat of every run. Garmin has a lot of different watches for every sport and they keep track of all your milage, pace, run times, etc.

A form of entertainment.

Training Belt (and fuel)-
I personally don't use a fuel belt for half marathon training. I would take my spibelt. However, others may find that they like to take the fuelbelt for their longer weekend runs. The difference is that one has bottles for liquids while the other is a pouch for gels (that's the one in the pictures). In my previous half marathon training, I went to ten to twelve miles and only took gu chomps.

What else would you add to the list?

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