Race "Expo" + Goals

October 27, 2014

On Thursday when I got out of my afternoon class I headed over to IRun (local running store) to pick up my race packet. I got an email that morning that said something along the lines of "bring in a picture of who you are or who you are running for to be placed on a large frame at the race." So, I printed off a picture and wrote why I run. Which is simple, I run because it makes me happy.

The race packet came with coupons to free yoga classes (definitely taking up those offers), a race shirt, car decal, and a personalized race bib. I've never had a race bib with my name on it!

On race morning, I found the large frames that the race director was talking about and spotted my picture! Can you see it? It was really neat seeing all of the people who wrote that they were running for the children they adopted, a family member that was adopted, etc.

Every marathon I run I go into with the goal of: qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

A goal- 3:35
B goal- improve last year's marathon time

I completed my first marathon in 4:05 and needed to beat about thirty minutes off of that time in order to qualify for Boston. 

"If you're dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

Check back later this week for the race recap! 

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