Lessons learned from the long run (literally)

October 15, 2014

Let's get honest here for a minute.. I run, I make mistakes, I learn from mistakes, then I share with the internet what I did wrong. After completing a tough training cycle of six very long runs, I have learned so many new things that I didn't know/didn't think about before.

Mistake- Running by pace. 
Lesson learned-  Coach Jenny has been telling me since the very beginning to run by effort and not pace on every single run. Meanwhile, I was stubborn and ran what pace felt right which led to even slower paces. Once I listened to coach and ran by HR zone (effort) rather than pace, my paces ended up better.

Mistake- Running in new shoes on a long run.
Lesson learned-  Don't try to break in new shoes on a long run. After having calf pains and becoming frustrated, I realized my mistake. I broke in my new shoes by running shorter weekly runs in them and running my long runs in the older shoes. Once I broke the new ones in more I started running in them for longer distances. Sometimes it takes awhile for new shoes to be broken in and you have to be patient. 

Mistake- Thinking I could run certain distances without fueling.

Lesson learned- Always have Gu and gatorade when out for a long run. I fueled more often on the longer runs- I took one Gu chomp every three miles, drank a sip of Gatorade every mile, and ate a bite of a Clif bar during the 20 milers. 

I'm sure there are more but I will stick with those three for now.

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