20 Miles

October 7, 2014

A few months ago, my coach updated my Training Peaks with all the long runs planned out. The weekend's went something like this: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 20, with a few shorter distance runs in between each long run. My first thought- two 20s?!

I'm not going to lie: I was intimidated. This is only my second marathon. Last training cycle I ran twenty miles as a race. I didn't know what it was going to be like running on my own.

From 12 miles...

Each weekend I mapped out where I would go and included quick stops at my house. My fuelbelt holds two small bottles which I would fill up with gatorade. I would run out of gatorade around mile ten of each long run so I looped back home to refill my bottles. I broke up the distance and ran 12-13 miles around the area then would only have 7-8 miles to finish up. It worked better mentally to finish a big chunk of the milage, quick break for more liquids, and run a shorter distance.

..to 20 miles

Not only do I feel more confident going into this next marathon, I also feel that I have gained more speed as I worked on speed training once to sometimes twice a week. This training cycle was tough but I am proud that I never gave up and finished every single run.


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