Yoga, yoga, and more yoga.

September 9, 2014

One word to sum up last week = yoga.

On Tuesday night, my friend invited me to go with her to small group. The text said "wear workout clothes and bring a towel." One of the girl's in the small group is working on getting her yoga certificate (or whatever it is called) to teach classes and was willing to teach all of us. It was really fun to be able to yoga and meet new friends. 

A different friend, Spenser, and I have been wanting to go to yoga all week but never could find a class that fit both our schedules. That is, until we saw on Facebook that Lululemon was having complimentary massage infused yoga on Saturday morning with juice samples after.  

Free yoga. Free {self} massages. Free juice samples. At Lululemon. Um yes.

I had a thirty minute run to do before and quickly got dressed to head down to Lululemon. The teacher showed us how to do self massages. Basically, you use your own feet to massage your feet or calves. In a seated position, you use one of your heels to massage your other heel. Maybe a picture would demonstrate better but I didn't take one of that.

She had us find a partner (good thing I went with a friend) and massage each other. It was kind of weird/gross since we had to lay on their feet while they massaged our temples and heads... Super weird.  But the rest of the class was good as she led us through warrior one and two poses, triangle pose, etc. 

After the class, Spens and I tasted one of the juice samples. It was apple, watermelon, ginger and they don't use sugar or water = all natural. The line was busy so we only grabbed one sample then went to 
Bird Bakery. It is a small bakery close to Lululemon. She has been before but I have never been.

It was a cute place with delicious food. I got a quiche and chai tea; Spenser got a brownie with her chai tea. I definitely want to go back for lunch and/or cupcakes.

I haven't practiced yoga in a few months and doing it a few times this past week reminded me why it is fun- stretching, working on balance, getting stronger.

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