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September 29, 2014

I once received a comment on one of my instagram photos that went something along the lines of "I want to do a triathlon but they are expensive"... which is pretty true. If you are doing one sport, such as running, it requires proper running clothes and tennis shoes. You may even want a fuel belt, fuel, headbands, and multiple running outfits. And then you want to add on two more sports. This is general guidelines of what you will need/want for each sport.

There are two basic things you need for swimming-- a swimsuit and goggles. Other things worth considering are: a swim cap and pool flip flops. You can even get fancy and purchase a kickboard, training paddles, pull floats (all of which I do not own).

Swimming needs and wants-- 
Needs: swimsuit, goggles, swim cap
Wants: pool flip flops, swim training gear

The number one clothing article of importance for cycling is padded biking shorts. Riding for minutes or hours in the biking saddle can get pretty uncomfortable so having these shorts helps. I learned that pretty fast. Take my advice. Other things you need a bike, a helmet, clip-in shoes, a trainer for riding indoors, a Garmin that tracks cycling miles.

Cycling needs and wants--
Needs: bike, helmet, cycling shorts, sweat wicking tanks/tops
Wants: clip-in shoes, trainer, Garmin, triathlon kit (jersey and shorts), gator skin tires, water bottle holders, fuel pouch, flat kit, sunglasses, cycling gloves

Running essentials: sweat wicking tanks/shirts/shorts, sports bras, socks, tennis shoes. Other things to think about: Garmin, fuel and fuel belt for longer mileage, arm warmers for colder weather running (they can also be used for biking), headbands.

Running needs and wants--
Needs: sweat wicking clothes + undergarments, socks and tennis shoes
Wants: Garmin, water bottle, fuel, fuelbelt, arm warmers, headbands

Note -- All of these are my opinions of things that I have found to be important. 

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