Week Recap: September 1st - September 14th

September 16, 2014

When life gets busy.. I get behind on blogging.

Apparently, when you are twenty-one you are moved off of a family membership at our gym and have to get your own membership. I am still in the transition of gym hunting/finding a good bargain since the only reason I go to the gym is for the pool. Two week's ago I used my friend's neighborhood pool for lap swimming. You can't beat having a pool to yourself...

Monday: Yoga
I found a P90X stretch DVD to follow for an hour.

Tuesday: 45 minute easy run + Yoga
I wrote more about the yoga -- here --

So maybe my lunge needs a little work..

Wednesday: Swim + Weights
I did my swim after my two morning classes, went to nanny for a few hours, then did weight training when I got home.

Swim workout:
300m warm up
2 sets of 50, 100, 150
200m cool down

Thursday: Tempo run
I had thirty minutes in the "orange zone" which means hard but not all out. My goal was to maintain an 8min/mile paces for the thirty minutes but I am bad at controlling pace so it was a bit faster and more like 7:35-7:45min/mile paces

Friday: Recovery day

Saturday: 30 minute run + Yoga
Complimentary yoga at Lululemon is the best.

Sunday: Long run- 18 miles
I wrote more about this run -- here -- It went a lot better than I expected! Afterwards, my sister and I went to buy tacos and smoothies because that is the perfect breakfast. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and doing absolutely nothing. Then my sister and I went to get burgers and chicken nuggets for dinner. Shout out to the best sister who understands the need for fast food after hard runs. (She also has long runs but on Saturday mornings with her team).

This week was:
7.16 hours of training
31.2 miles of running

This past week was a "recovery" week with easier runs and a shorter weekend run. The only hard workout was Thursday's tempo run.

Monday: Recovery day
Monday's and Friday's are now recovery days and that is my favorite. What gets better than two rest days!?

Tuesday: Easy run
I picked up lunch after class. Whole Foods ham and cheese wrap + cake. They have the best cakes!

Wednesday: Swim + Weights 

Thursday: Tempo run
8x half mile repeats at 6:45 pace with 2 minutes walking break between each. I was able to run each at 6:45 pace and finished the last closer to 6 flat.

Thursday was a long day (but so much fun) with a morning run, then class, and Chi Alpha (a Christian fellowship on campus) with my small group.

Friday: Recovery day
I was super tired on Friday so I got home from my morning classes and took two naps. In the evening, my friend was having a get together that called for mustaches and everything Italian. A few girls cooked dinner- pastas, pizza, salad, breadsticks, gelato, cake, etc. Everything was delicious and it was a fun night with friends!

Saturday: Easy run

Sunday: Long run- 10 miles
I ended up running faster than I was probably supposed to (8:22 avg pace) but I felt good and just wanted to get the miles done.

And we bought a new guinea pig.. haha. Meet Lilly:

This week was:
5.02 hours of training
26.33 miles of running

6 weeks until the marathon!! Ahh!!

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