Week Recap: August 24th - August 31st

September 1, 2014

Ever since the 16 miler, I have not been feeling strong. I took all the "easy" days this week super easy. I emailed my coach and we are changing a few days of this week to (hopefully) get my legs recovered.

Anna and Jake got here on Thursday night, the weekend was so much fun with them here!

I'm pretty sure I wore that tank all weekend

Sunday: Recovery day

Monday: Cycle + Weights

Tuesday: Easy run
Tuesday was my last day of summer- I ran 60 minutes easy, got my hair cut, went to the grocery (my new chore), and didn't do much after that.

My new look is no makeup. I get ready so much faster ;)

Wednesday: Swim + Weights
First day of classes! I went to the gym after class for my swim then did weights later in the afternoon. I have not been in the mood to follow detailed swim workouts so when I get to the gym I normally make it up as I go or swim until the 30 minutes is up.

1000m swim workout:
2 sets of 200m, 100m, 100m, 100m

Thursday: Tempo run
The run was a warm up + cool down with the main tempo of 25 minutes at the top of the orange HR zone (around 8:15 pace). My class on Tuesdays and Thursdays starts at 1pm which means I have a few hours in the morning to get ready for class, stretch, relax, eat, and pack a lunch. It's pretty great.

Friday: Recovery day
I had two morning classes then I met up with my mom and Anna for shopping and errands. Anna had a swim workout to do so while she swam laps, I got to tan/read a book. Afterwards, we went to Lululemon where I bought some of the items from my "must haves" list. Later in the evening, Kathleen had her first cross country meet and the whole family went to cheer her on.

Pool time
Lululemon tanks/top
Back together again!

My sister, Liz, is interning at camp for a year. She has been gone for a week and wanted to surprise Anna since she was able to come home only on Friday. We went to support Kathleen at her race (the biggest support group there- all seven of us) and grabbed burgers for dinner.

Saturday: Easy run- 45 minutes
When you don't have a Saturday morning long run, you get to sleep in. I woke up a little later than normal, ran easy for 45 minutes, went to the bike store with Anna, and went to church.

Sunday: Long run- 10 miles
I finished the run before 8:30am and was able to go back to sleep until everyone else got up an hour later. My mom, sisters, and I spent the afternoon at the mall!

Strawberry banana smoothie (and a cookie that I ate too fast to take a picture of)

Loving the new split back Lululemon tank

8 weeks left until the marathon!

This week was:
6.02 hours of training
26.22 miles of running

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