The Do's and Don'ts Of Breaking In New Shoes

September 30, 2014

New running shoes are exciting! You buy them, take them home, and you immediately want to test them out on a run. However, most running websites will tell you otherwise. You have to break in new shoes... and it may take some time.

On picking them out
Do: Have help picking out the right pair for your weight, body type, running motion
Don't: Pick out a random pair from the shelf

It is best to go to a local running store and have someone help you with picking out the right pair. Usually the person helping will watch the way you run to figure out the best shoe for your foot.

On breaking them in slowly
Do: Wear them around the house, to school or work, or out for a walk to break them in slowly
Don't: Immediately go for a run in them

On wearing them during long runs
Do: Wear them a few times during the week for a couple of weeks before taking them out for a long run
Don't: Wear them for long runs before they are broken in

After having some pain after wearing new shoes for a long run, I wore them as I walked around school and on shorter runs before running longer distances in them.

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