How You Know You're In Peak Marathon Training

September 17, 2014

Peak weeks are.. well, the peak of it all. The most important week(s). Everything that you have been training up to. Should I go on? Here are 23 ways to know you're in peak training:

1. Being tired, sore, and hungry 24/7 is a way of life.
2. All social events will resume once you finish the longest weeks of your training.
3. Texting and SnapChat are the main communication with friends.
4. You do not understand how other people have
5. You wear compression socks underneath your clothing to get in a little more recovery.
6. Regular clothes are overrated and you go for the "athletic" look on most occasions.
7. Rather than go out and be social on your off days, they are spent doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.
8. You are guilty of saying, "I only have 10 miles this weekend!"
9. Garmin Connect and Training Peaks are your top search engines.
10. The main questions you ask your coach are, "Are you sure??" and "Why??"
11. You consider date nights to be spent with a foam roller and an ice pack.
12. Most of your time is finding new music to run to and updating playlists.
13. Music is judged on whether or not you can workout to it.
14. You have memorized the course map.
15. Day-to-day schedules depend on when you can fit in 10 hours of sleep plus a 1 hour nap.
16. You get cranky when you can't get 10 hours of sleep plus a 1 hour nap.
17. You can never buy too much Gu.
18. Nightmares consist of but are not limited to: sleeping in and missing your long run, not having enough fuel during your run, mapping out incorrect mileage, or not finishing your run.
19. A swimsuit, heart rate monitor, fuel belt, and running clothes can be found draped over your shower.
20. You get cranky when you think you are injured. Even when you are perfectly fine and not injured.
21. Of course everyone needs to know how far you ran last week.
22. You know exactly where you are chafed.
23. You can't imagine spending all of your time not training.

5 weeks to go... 


  1. Yup and yup! Feeling it, and trying not to panic my way through an (actual) injury before Chicago.

    1. Oh no! I'm praying for healing so you can have a strong race. Good luck, Tabetha!

  2. oh wow i am only running my first 21km this sunday - been doing a training plan and not loving it, i can only imagine a full marathon training would be so much more tougher and yet i am intrigued and want to do one!

    1. Congrats at 21km! It's definitely fun and worth it but everyone has their moments :)


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