Week Recap: August 18th- August 24th

August 25, 2014

This was the longest training week (so far) and my legs definitely felt it. I can usually handle between 23-28 miles per week. I had a lot of harder runs this week- hills, tempo, 16 mile run. 

Sunday: Recovery day
Monday: 65min hilly run
Tuesday: Strength training + Cycling
Wednesday: 6.50 mile tempo run @ 7:30 pace

On Wednesday, I went to lunch with a new friend. We met through a mutual friend and ended up having a lot in common! She wants to go into nursing, goes to the same college, and is training for her first half marathon. We grabbed a bite to eat then went to check out the newest ice cream shop where they make ice cream using nitrogen- it was crazy! Thursday evening I went to dinner with a friend from Bible study. We went to a nicer restaurant which I have never been to.

I found new books to read from upcoming movies. I enjoyed Maze Runner but it definitely wasn't what I expected it to be. I started the series a few days ago and have already finished them. 

Thursday: Strength training + Swim (1050m)
Friday: 40min run
Saturday: Long run - 16 miles

My weekend long run was 16 miles. I started off strong around 8:30 min/mile pace but slowed down to late 9 min/mile paces for the remaining 5 miles. I think it was because I didn't fuel properly with enough gatorade and water in the beginning miles. I took my FlipBelt in the beginning miles (more on that later!). I planned to run two 8 mile loops where I wouldn't need to wear my fuel belt - it has been annoying lately, bouncing the whole time I run- but realized that was not a good idea to run that far without liquids. Anyone know how to get the belt to stop bouncing??

After church, my family and I went out to dinner. 16 miles= burger and dessert. We saw the "Mountain High Mud Pie" on the menu and my sister and I knew we needed to split it.

This next week my senior year of college begins and my older sister and brother-in-law are coming into town!

9 weeks left till the marathon.

This week was:
7.07 hours of training
33.12 miles of running


  1. Yay for making new friends (especially friends that run)!

    I realized I couldn't run long distances without liquids either. I always try to make sure I'm drinking before I get thirsty because I heard that once you're thirsty, it's too late? Anyway, I wear my fuel belt pretty high--right on the smallest part of my waist and let the pouch sit on the small of my back. It doesn't bounce there!

    1. Exactly!

      I think I have heard that too. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try adjusting it to wear it higher to avoid the bounce.


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