Scenes from Oklahoma

August 8, 2014

My mom, sister, and I took a quick trip to Oklahoma to visit our oldest sister and brother in law. We have had a busy summer and could never find a weekend to go. Finally, we found an opening Sunday through Tuesday to go see her.

We drove all day Sunday and we got to the hotel late. We were tired so we checked in and went to bed. We had early morning training to get in. Anna trains early each morning so we met up with her and her friend after she swam laps. Everyone's run varied from 35 minutes to 65 minutes. Anna and her friend ran short while my mom, Kathleen, and I went longer.

  hotel selfies 

There is a gluten free bakery that we stopped at to grab some goodies. We bought: cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and other pastries. Usually gluten free doesn't taste as good but everything was delicious.

flavors: chocolate, root beer float, raspberry, butterscotch, chai, and lavender 

During the day, we mostly just talked and spent the day at her apartment. We hung out by the pool in the afternoon/evening.

On Tuesday morning we worked out at the hotel gym, talked with Anna, then left for the drive back home. 

It was a quick trip but it was great seeing our sister.
Next time we see her will be at her Ironman in November!


  1. I bet she enjoyed the visit! Sounds like you've gotten to do a fair amount of traveling this summer - how fun!


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